Feeling a bit guilty at the moment, had a bit of a downer weekend. I feel like I am neglecting my friends and family. Training for Bolton and doing my triathlon coaching course is taking up nearly all of my time. I am trying to still be social and see my friends and family but an conscious there are people who I keep saying I will see who I haven’t. Please forgive me xx

On a postive front I think my asthma problems have finally been diagnosed. I went back to the doctors after a really bad weekend and am now on some new tablets. Awaiting a hospital appointment with the respiratory clinic. They think I have Exercise Induced Bronchoconstriction (EIB)

Week four  (Week 3 of DF)

Monday – Rest day today. Coached Beccles triathlon swim sessions.

Tuesday – Tried out Pilates at Nirvana which was a good class and then went for a 2k swim. Loving being a member of Nirvana, as can swim pretty much any time and its never busy.

Wednesday – Did a core strength class at lunch time and it was running club in the evening. Took it easy. Did 30 mins.

Thursday – Back to spin fusion, really am loving it. Remembered to run after wards this time, so happy.

Friday – A nice relaxing swim with Dawn tonight, did 1,600m.

Saturday – Ran to and around park run.

Sunday – We had our first turbo session of the winter. It was actually quite nice to get back to turbo-ing as a club. Apart from me falling off the turbo! There is a field outside the village hall so went for a 5 min run afterwards.

Totals for this week

Swim – 1 hour 20 mins (Should have been 2)

Bike – 1 hour 23 mins (Should have been 3)

Run – 1 hour 30 mins (Should have been 3)

Week three (Week 4 of DF)

Monday – Coaching again, decided to actually have this as my rest day. As I was starting to train 7 days a week.

Tuesday – Pilates was cancelled this week so headed up to the gym and did a 30 min spin on the bike and then swam for 2k.

Wednesday – Took my first asthma tablet last night and felt a difference already at running club tonight. Really chuffed.

Thursday – Managed to make work running club today which was great. Spin fusion in the evening, starting to really feel my fitness levels improving. Loving it. Again remember to go for a run afterwards.

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – Did an hours run Saturday morning, including park run with Jo and Boo. Chest is still feeling so much clearer and no attacks in the mornings. Relieved!

Sunday – Club turbo session again this Sunday. Fantastic turn out. It was a FTP test, pushed really hard. Maximum heart rate I got up to was 186, so going to plug that into Strava to hopefully get more accurate zones on the bike. Must do the same for running. Again ran off the bike again. In the evening I went for a 2k swim. Had some stress to get out so pounded the water… that even a saying lol? As a result I was really pleased with my time.

For the first week I pretty much hit the plan 100%. Getting into the routine slowly. Probably going to repeat week 4 again. Am still ahead of schedule and it feels like the right thing to do.

Totals for this week

Swim – 1 hour 28 mins (Should have been 2)

Bike – 2 hours 7 mins (Should have been 2.5)

Run – 2 hour 19 mins (Should have been 2.5)


4 weeks since Monster Middle

Four weeks have passed so quickly. So much has happened personally and fitness wise since the Monster Middle, it quite mind boggling!

Didn’t really rest the week after monster. Needed to take my mind of things. So on the Monday I turbo’d to spin my legs out. Tuesday night went swimming in Fritton. Wednesday night I coached a Scores training session and did some running. Thursday night I rode the GYCC time trial with a friend. Had a rest day on Friday. Decided to give Gorleston park run a try on the Saturday. It had been so long since I’ve ran it and wanted to get away from Lowestoft. I got a course PB which I was really chuffed with, however I forgot my barcode so no result. Sunday was great fun, we cycled to Framingham for Stu’s birthday. This week I have also started to do some core strength work. Loving this class.

Totals for the week (8h 56m)

Swim – 55m

Bike – 7h 

Run – 1h

Week 2 post Monster started really great. Did some scores race training with a nice breakfast afterwards. I worked from home on Tuesday and managed to go of a lovely sea swim on Tuesday. Wednesday was core strength at lunchtime and then in the evening I coached a scores training session and got a little bit of training in myself. On Thursday I think I lost my mind! Went for a lovely Fritton lake swim and ended up entering the “big swim” that was taking place that Sunday. This in itself is not crazy, however I decided along with Rich to do all three of the swims. A combined total of 9.5k. Had a great rest day on Friday. On Saturday I again went to Gorleston, after forgetting my barcode the previous week I had a score to settle! I managed with the help of fantastic friends to get a massive PB, 24:22!! So chuffed. Went for a sea swim in the afternoon with Pete, it was choppy but fun.  Sunday was big swim day, the first swim was the 5k. This was by far my longest swim and really enjoyed it. Wasn’t as tired as I thought I was going to be when I exited the lake. Had around an hour before the next swim so had a small bite to eat. Then headed back into the water for the 3k swim. Again felt okay, bit hungry and needing some food but okay. The turnaround for the last swim was a lot shorter, only time to register and grab a drink really. Was looking forward to getting out of my wetsuit but this point. Had been in it since 8:45 and it was now almost 3! Wanted to really go for it on this last swim as it was only 1.5k. I didn’t have much energy or strength left though so was slower than I hoped. However still so pleased to have completed all three. At the start of the day I didn’t think I would be able to front crawl the whole distance but I managed to. Really great friendly relaxed event, will definitely do it again next year. Me and Rich were the only ones to do all three swims which was pretty cool.

Totals for the week (8h 20m)

Swim – 5h 26m

Bike – 31m

Run – 2h 23m

Week three post monster didn’t start as great. My asthma started to play up again over the weekend and into Monday. Did my usual coaching on a Monday night but didn’t feel up for running. Did my first ever Pilates session Tuesday night. It was so tough but great. Wednesday evening we did the final scores training. My asthma was bad again this evening and could only manage a jog. So frustrating. Thursday was work running club and a lake swim in the evening. Friday I went back to the doctors, asthma still no good. Was sent to the hospital for an X-ray and blood tests. After the hospital I went for a spin with Vicki and Karle to Southwold. Was lovely to get back out on the bike as hadn’t really done any cycling since Stu’s birthday ride to Framingham. However the lack of lung power and energy through not eating much the past few weeks really hit me. Felt frustrated and fed up to be honest. I decided to sign up to the Scores race last minute so went to Fritton park run and cheered everyone on. Still not feeling like going to Lowestoft. Did go for a sea swim in the afternoon. Sunday was Scores race day, was excited and nervous about this in equal measures! Excited to see friends and loved ones. Nervous as I stupidly agreed to take Becca’s pleas in “Team Harris”. All three of which are just amazing. I woke up with bad asthma yet again and was feeling really sorry for myself. However I gave it all on the race itself and managed to get a PB, not quiet the sub 40 I was hoping for but considering everything it was a good result. We even managed to win the team prize so was relived to have not let the side down!

Totals for the week (5h 46m)

Swim – 42m

Bike – 2h 28m

Run – 2h 34m

So here we are week 4, post Ely. Did a 7k off road run before swimming on the Monday. Tuesday I took a well earned rest evening, was so good. Wednesday was core strength at lunch and at night was back to Beccles for training and we did 1m sprints. Loved it and felt so strong.  Thursday was lunch time running club and a gentle spin on the bike in the evening. Its going to get boring sorry but my asthma again was bad. I took the day off on Friday, had been struggling emotionally the previous day. Went for a bike ride and lovely beach run in the morning with Rob C. Loved the run so much but my asthma really held me back, which was embarrassing as I was running with someone so fast!! Rob was fab though, so patient with me. Thank you if you happen to read this!! Vicki and I decided to cycle over to Gorleston park run on the Saturday, we wanted to take advantage of the nice weather while is lasts. I pulled up after only one lap of the course, so frustrating. My left calf was very painful. Gutted. Managed to cycle home okay, headed straight back out to do the annual “lido to locks swim”. So much fun with the club, it was a 4.5k swim in the river. Loved it. Finally on the Sunday I took part in Aldeburgh relay triathlon. It was a last minute decision as Pete Andrews’ team needed a swimmer, so I volunteered. It was a sea swim and I was dying to try out my new skills and get a sea swim race in before Mallorca next year. I really, really enjoyed it. It was tide assisted which really helped but I got a good swim in. The whole event was brilliant and one I recommend for next year. Well organised, relaxed and friendly and a really nice venue.

Totals for the week (8h 22m)

Swim – 2h 3m

Bike – 3h 10m

Run – 3h 8m






Great couple of weeks, I love summer. Mostly.

My asthma has been really bad these past two weeks. I have been wheezing and taking my relief inhaler almost everyday. I wasn’t even taking it training anymore so felt really down. Went to the doctors and I have another inhaler to take, which I hope will help.

Aside from the Asthma I am feeling good, my plan starts to taper now so am looking forward to a couple of easy-ish weeks.

So week 23, managed to get a run in on Monday night before swimming.

Went for a sea swim Tuesday night with Vicki.

On Wednesday I had to drive to Sheffield straight from work so didn’t get to do any training.

Thursday morning I got up early intending to do a brick session on the hotel gym. However it didn’t open until 7am! Not great. So went outside and did a run.

I didn’t get to do any training on Friday or Saturday. My breathing was really bad and was doing Ride London the Sunday and didn’t want to risk it.

Sunday was ride London. Wow what an incredible event. There were a lot of hold ups due to accidents which did take away from the day itself somewhat. However riding on closed roads and seeing the sights of London and getting to the top of Box Hill was fantastic.

Totals for week 23

9h 12m total

Swimming – 21m

Cycling – 7h 52m

Running – 57m

Week 24

Managed to get another run in. Yet again I was really wheezing so we only did a short 4k.

Tuesday I went sea swimming again, did so much better this time. Managed to do 1k and didn’t feel sick. Which was great.

Wednesday night I managed to get along and actually run! We went to the pub at Geldeston and ran back again.

Thursday I got home from work late and could hardly breathe. I took it easy and had a night off.

I worked from home on Friday so I could get to the doctors. Woke up and yet again barley able to breathe. In the evening after getting the all clear to carry on training I went for a ride with Vicki and Karle. Then headed over to Norwich to get coached in an endless pool. It was great to get some feedback on my swimming as I don’t get the chance anymore. Overall Simon was happy, I just need to work on what my arms are doing and rotate more.

Saturday was a great day. We did a club trip to Fritton Lake. Cycled to Fritton via Beccles. Went for a run, I started off doing park run but only wanted to run for 15 mins to stopped part of the way round. Then we went for a dip in the lake. I stayed with Boo as it was her first time. She did so well. After a cuppa we rode back to Lowestoft again via Beccles. Feeling good on the bike, all the hours I have put in seem to be paying off.

Sunday, after a stupidly late night with lots of alcohol (mixed my drinks!) I ran the Norwich 10k. It was so hot and I really didn’t feel that great, and if it hadn’t been for Jo and Boo I might have even walked. However I did complete it and actually felt okay running. However after I finished I was so lightheaded and dizzy. Had to sit in the shade for almost an hour before moving. Lots of cold drinks and some pasta at the Bell afterwards did make me feel better. The amount of people we saw on the floor during the run was scary. I learnt my lesson big time today. Will not be such an idiot again!

Totals for week 24

7h 58m total

Swimming – 59m

Cycling – 4h 21m

Running – 2h 37m





Half Ironman Training – Week 20 and Norwich Triathlon (Olympic) review

Week 20, wow time is flying. Just over 5 weeks until Monster middle. Just excited for it now, can’t wait.

This week has been bad for hay fever, after the Wildman I suffered quite bad Monday. Got through swim coaching, typically loads of first timers came tonight which was fab. Just wish I could have been on better form for them.

Had to go into work on Tuesday, however managed to be good and left in time to get home for swimming which I was really pleased about. Went with Jo, who is improving so much. Love seeing friends progress. Swam 1.6k as per my plan.

Wednesday wasn’t so great plan wise but again it was a good evening helping others progress. Myself and Mike coached the “beginners” session in Beccles. I did a tiny bit of running while they trained but not much.

Thursday was much better plan wise, we did a different route at Thursday running club and pushed the distance up. We did just over 7k and it was nice and hilly to get extra training in. In the evening I cycled over to Lound to help marshal the time trial.

Friday was a rest and prepare for weekend night.

Saturday was a good day. Shaun was back at Parkrun after his cycling accident. It was great to see him at Parkrun, we decided as a club to walk with him. We were not at all prepared for his power walk!! Wow, we actually had to jog to keep up with him. It was funny and embarrassing at the same time. We were all sweating the time we finished. He is an inspiration to us all, with the determination and strength he has shown.

Straight from parkrun we went to Colour run Norwich. Due to the run it was more like a colour mucky race. Such a laugh, but not quite 5k it was half a k short.

Sunday I competed in Norwich triathlon. I only signed up for the race on Wednesday having previously planned to marshal. However I managed to get enough people to help out and Rob very kindly agreed to help as well. Which meant I could race. Details in the review below.

All in all a relatively good training week. Roll on week 21.

Totals for week 20

8h 13m total

Swimming – 1h 11m

Cycling – 3h 42m

Running – 3h 18m

Norwich Triathlon (Olympic distance) 2016

As said above I entered this race late. The Wednesday before, it was nice that they offered this as race entry can sometimes close quite early.

There was an option to register the night before which I did hope to go to. However I didn’t get the chance in the end. This didn’t matter though as registration on the morning was brilliant. No queue, fast and efficient.
Due to my late entry I had someone else’s name on my race number which wasn’t really a problem. I would have brought a mark pen had I known to correct it though. I just had to remember to respond to calls of Becky all morning. It was funny.

Set up transition, for some reason I forgot a few key items. Luckily Vicki and Jackie were amazing and helped me out.

As the start of the race was around a 10 min walk from transition we left nice and early to get there on time. Each wave had their own race briefing. I was in wave 2.

The briefing was really good, gave enough details without going through all the info that was sent out. The right level of detail I felt.

We had around 5 minutes to get into the water and adjust. The water felt quite cold for some reason but I just kept ducking my head under to acclimatise to it.

I made sure I was at the back and slightly to the side after my last few open water swims. This meant I could start and get into my stride and avoid the fights. I found I got into my stride much faster this time so was pleased. Still think I can do better on the swim, but am learning.

The course was nice and straight forward but the bouy’s were hard to see. Made it to the exit without too much trouble though.

After a quick transition, headed out onto the bike. What a lovely route, it was good being only 1 lap also.

There were loads of marshals and signs, which really helped. The course was hillier than I expected but really did enjoy it.

Had a few stupid drivers heading back into Norwich. That decided to over take me then stop, this happened about 4 times. Made it back to transition safely if a little slower than I wanted.

Another good transition and headed onto the run. This was two laps around the lake. On a mixture of surfaces, grass tarmac, stones etc

It was lovely passing the water station on both laps and seeing friends from the club and Rob.

The temperature was getting quite warm on the run and did suffer a bit with the heat. Just kept putting one foot in front of the other and enjoyed it.

Eventually got to the finish line and collected a nice medal. When I first looked at my time I was disappointed as it was slower than Fritton. However after talking to people, everyone’s time was.

I came 3rd in my age group, really chuffed with that result.

Full results here.


Location – Whitlingham Country Park, Trowse, Norwich, NR14 8TR

Type – Open water Swim (1 lap) 1.5k, cycle on public roads (1 lap) 40k and an off road run (2 laps) 10k.

Entry Fee – £65 (Late entry with BTF membership) believe it was £55 normally.

Medal – Yes and age group trophies as well as 1st,2nd, 3rd overall.

Goody bag – Yes, with drinks and snacks. Free T-shirt and swimming hat.

Event facilities  – Toilets, free parking, Tri-harder stall. Food and drink van.

Chip timed – Yes

Start Type – Waved start. Females in the same wave.

Would I do this event again? – Yes

Overall Score – 9/10


Can’t fault the event. It was really well organised and a lovely course. The medal and goody bag are nice. Well supported. The only think that stopped me from marking it as 10 was the price. Like the live tracking for friends and family just wish I had known about it.


Yet another mixed bag couple of weeks.

Week 12, seems a lifetime ago now. Why do I always leave updating my blog until the last minute.

The week started off with the usual swim coaching on Monday, Tuesday I didn’t get to do any training as I had to travel to London for work.

I did manage to run early Wednesday morning before a work conference. Just over 7.5 km, was lovely running over Tower Bridge. It is so pretty.

Thursday was great fun, Karle and I cycled over to Lound and took part in GYCC’s 10 mile TT. I now have a time to try and beat next time.

Friday I managed to get to the pool and am still enjoying front crawl. Never ever did I think I would say that. I even tried a few lengths of breakstroke and it felt odd… odd!

Saturday was my Mums and husbands 50th Parkrun. Am so proud of them for reaching their 50th. I still remember begging them to come with me and dragging them along. How far they have come. Superstars. Managed a 12k run all together.

Took part in Beccles Ride for Life on the Sunday. Really wanted to complete the 50 mile course which I did. As well as cycling there and home again .70 miles in total and even managed a run when I got back. Only 1k but it was still a run. Was feeling chuffed.

Totals for week 12

9h 19m total

Swimming – 0h 39m

Cycling – 6h 40m

Running – 1h 59m

Week 13 started with our last winter swim at Harleston. Tuesday was the clubs annual wetsuit swim at the lido. I could feel I wasn’t right in the afternoon, but put it down to hayfever and cycled over. Swam, started sneezing, again put it down to being outside and pollen. Didn’t feel great but cycled home again.

Woke up Wednesday, felt okay. Not great but not terrible. Headed to running club after work and really didn’t feel right. Was just so cold, and wheezy. Couldn’t run at all, not even with the beginners to help out. Just stood there, with the stop watch, turning blue. Was just so cold! Went to bed not feeling great at all.

What I should have done on Thursday was rest, hindsight is so wonderful. However in my defence I really did still think I had bad hayfever and was just suffering as I hadn’t taken anything. I went for a lovely lunchtime jog with my colleagues, bit wheezy but was okay. The evening was were the mistake came, I went swimming… Fritton Lake. It was cold and I swam for longer and further than I have so far this season. Got out and it was cold. Feeling wheezy but chuffed with myself I headed for a bite to eat and then home.

Woke up on Friday…guess what…….yep sick!! Not feeling good at all .Typically it is the one time I leave my laptop at work. So drag myself into the office, sit there until enough people tell me I look like cr*p (more so than usual) and then head home. Work until around 4, then go to the pool as I promised my mum I would go with her and help her get ready for her triathlon on Sunday. She was so nervous and panicking that I couldn’t let her down. Felt very ill by the time I got home, and headed straight to bed.

Saturday was mostly spend in bed, ventured to parkrun to watch but that was a mistake.

Sunday I had my first triathlon technical official shadowing to do. Took painkillers and wrapped up in loads of layers to keep warm. Despite how I felt I really enjoyed the day. My mum took part and did so well, as did loads of other club members. I shadowed in the afternoon children’s race also as that is one of the 4 races I needed to do as part of my accreditation. Got good feedback from John on both races which I am really chuffed about.As soon as I got home I went straight to bed.

All in all not the best of weeks, however I am determined to be well in time for Sundays Outlaw Half. I am the swimmer in a relay team. I can’t let the Armadillo Segments down! Must get well! Trip to doctors tomorrow….maybe….

Totals for week 13

3h 21m total

Swimming – 1h 15m

Cycling – 1h 31m

Running – 0h 35m



How time flies! Was supposed to write my blog post Bank Holiday weekend but ran out of time. The same applies for this weekend. So am doing this on my lunchbreak instead.

Now comes the memory test (thankfully Strava is helping to act as a reminder).

Week 10 was good, I have started to stray a little bit off plan. Due to work and beginners running sessions starting in both Beccles and Lowestoft. I am not stressing about it though as I really think its a worthwhile thing to do. I just need to get the balance right.

Monday was swim coaching as usual. Tuesday I had a great swim session, finally feel comfortable when doing front crawl.

Helped out at the beginners session Wednesday night. Managed to do a bit of running.

Thursday I helped out at Lowestoft beginners session.

Friday I got home from work late so no training.

Saturday we cycled as a club to Fritton Lake, did parkrun and then cycled back.

Did a long run on Sunday which included the Scores route. Forgot how tough that course is. Went for a swim in the afternoon. Again a nice long one.

Totals for week 10

8h 56m total

Swimming – 1h 16m

Cycling – 4h 44m

Running – 2h 55m

Week 11 was fairly similar to week 10 but still feel positive about it.

Monday as you know was a bank holiday. Vicki and I went for our first open water swim of the year at Whitlingham. The water was very cold and took longer than normal to start swimming. However once I got going it was really lovely. We were only allowed to be in the water for 30mins, so only swam 800m.  Swimming was cancelled last minute which was a shame so no coaching.

Tuesday I got home from work really late but managed to get on the turbo for 45 mins.

Wednesday was helping the beginners. Again managed to get some running in.

Thursday I ran with the lunchtime club and then a bit in the evening with Lowestoft beginners.

Friday was a night off as it was the Mother in Laws birthday.

Saturday I did Fritton Lake parkrun and then a lovely swim in the lake. Did 1,000m. Hoping to do more on the next swim.

Sunday I went to St Neots to watch the Triathlon and cheer on Vicki. When I got back I went for my longest solo bike ride. Must admit that I didn’t really want to go out but am so pleased I did it was lovely. Even bumped into some friends. After the ride I went for a 1k run. I want to try and now always run off the bike even if its for 5 mins.

I have been trying to get the train to work which means cycling to get the train. Its only a few k but use a heavy old mountain bike and carry my laptop for extra weight.

Totals for week 11

6h 43m total

Swimming – 50m

Cycling – 3h 56m

Running – 1h 57m





Another week done and it was a good week.

Monday was the usual swim coaching.

Tuesday as the weather was so nice, I went for a ride with Vicki and Karle. It was a lovely gentle ride out to Southwold, not too windy. Karle however got me and Vicki doing some Strava segment chasing. On the way home it was pretty windy so it was a little tough going. Then we did some 30 second interval sprints. That really finished the legs off. Was a great ride though and we covered almost 50k.

After the ride I headed over to the WVAC Lowestoft session as they wanted a group photo. Had a little run around the park with Bill afterwards.

Wednesday night I helped out with the WVAC beginners session at Beccles. There was around 70 people there. Was so great to see so many there. I did get to run a little bit as I partnered up with one of the ladies.

Thursday lunchtime I went out with the colleagues I work with. They completed their 10 week course so we did our first “real run” together. After work Rob and I went for a meal to celebrate our anniversary as he was working at the weekend.

Friday I got home pretty late from work so only had time for a quick swim before the pool shut. My mum had been saying that she was struggling with her swim so spent most of the time giving her tips which was really nice to do. As she timed herself and realised she was faster than she thought.

Saturday I jogged down to parkrun and my heart rate monitor battery died so decided it was a sign and pushed myself to get a PB. Was supposed to be a zone 2 run but never mind 🙂

I managed to get a PB which I was really pleased about and jogged home.

Went on the club ride Sunday and had very weary legs. The head wind seemed so strong so I just plodded along to Beccles, thankful for Vicki and Karle being away lol. We did a nice gentle club ride and I cycled home again. The ride home was far less relaxing as I was getting picked up at 12:45 to help out at a charity triathlon at the UEA and we only got back to Beccles at 12!!! I had to really push it on the way home and guess what, yes I had a headwind on the way back. A really strong one as well. Why does it always do that.

I reached home with 5 mins to spare. Had the quickest shower and change of clothes ever and headed over to the sports park. They were doing a sports relief fun triathlon. It was really great to help out. I counted lengths for one team. Did a 5k run for another team and just gave as much support and encouragement to everyone as I could. Afterwards I was able to get in a quick 750m swim. Which was good as I did my 400m at the end so I can now send off my Beccles Triathlon time.

So yet again I didn’t really stick to plan but it was close enough I think.






Half Ironman Training – Week 3

Wow what a week. I can already hear what some of you are going put as a comment on this post (MTFU!). However I am going to carry on anyway 🙂 I have struggled big time this week with feeling in my bones tired!!

Not sure if it’s down to the training, not sleeping well or working too hard…..maybe all 3? All I know is it’s been a struggle to come home at 7pm and still train, but I have done it. Another week completed, yes!

On a positive note I managed to get to grips with my bike tech and recorded both of my turbo’s this week.

So this weeks plan was

  1. Swim – 1.45 hours
  2. Bike – 1:45 hours
  3. Run – 1:45 hours
  4. Total time – 5:00 hours

My actuals for the week were

  1. Swim – 1:32 hours
  2. Bike –2:38 hours
  3. Run – 2:17 hours
  4. Total time – 6:29

I again did one of the swim sets as pull only to rest my legs. My heart rate was higher this week, but over all did feel good training.

s well as training this week I also did the following

  1. Time commuting to work – 15 hours
  2. Time at work – 44 hours
  3. Time coaching others – 5 hours
  4. Total time – 64 hours



Parkrun is amazing

So…..I finally managed to complete the 0 to 5k app. After doing week 4 over and over again I managed to get there!! I could jog non-stop for 25/30 mins. Having asthma this was something I thought was impossible.

However this was all in the safety of a gym. Where it was cool and controlled and easy-ish.

It was April 2014 and only 2 months away from the Triathlon I was still in denial about. When my friend Rebecca suggested we go to “parkrun” together.

It was a 5k organised run around Fritton Lake where the triathlon would be taking place and free!

I was terrified but didn’t want to let my friend down so said yes.

The Saturday morning approached way too quickly and I was so scared! The thoughts running through my head were…

1. How will I know where to go

2. What about if I am last

3. Can I even run 5k

4. Everyone is going to laugh at me

However all my fears were for nothing. Everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was fantastic.

I didn’t get lost, I wasn’t last and I managed to jog all the way round. Here is a link to the results –

I can honestly say that parkrun has changed my life. I have now completed 23 parkrun and my time has gone down from 33:19 down to 26:20.

It isn’t a race, you don’t have to run it and I promise you won’t regret giving it a go.

There are 56,609 parkruns worldwide.


Hi and welcome.

I was asked to start this blog by a few people.

I’m not very good at putting my thoughts into words so please bear with me. I promise to be honest and open, hopefully helpful….in return please forgive me for my poor grammar.

I plan to talk about Triathlon’s, running & stuff! Hopefully give help and advice to other people like me who might be thinking of starting running or trying a Triathlon.

Last year I started training for and taking part in Triathlon’s, parkrun & other sporting events.

I even joined a Triathlon club and am currently learning front crawl. All my Triathlons so far have been completed doing breaststroke.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts, I am open to feedback and suggestions so please comment or message me directly.