Pause in training & East Coast Triathlon Review



Decided to have a rest this week. Had the East Coast Triathlon on the Saturday and was going away for work.

Monday I didn’t train as usual and just coached.

As I was going to Sheffield for work and would miss running club I decided to go for a run Tuesday night. I did an hour in total. Then went swimming for 20 mins. Only a short one but wanted to do something before going away.

Wednesday and Thursday was spent working away. Which means poor diet, and not much rest. Therefore I decided to try and look after myself a bit before Saturday and worked from home Friday.

I was supposed to turbo train on Friday but work was so busy time slipped away from me. I needed to get to the supermarket and get food for tea and tomorrow.

Saturday I competed in a Super Sprint Triathlon.

Resumed training on the Sunday, legs were feeling okay so cycled over to Gt Yarmouth to help marshal at the East Coast Triathlon. Cycled home again. Ended up doing 2 hours and 15 mins cycling.

Will re-join my training plan at week 6.

East Coast Triathlon 2016 – Age Group Win and Review

So here we are, race day. Woke up to rain and it pretty much kept raining right up until the start. It was so cold, windy and miserable. Couple that with a bit of a cold and I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.

I was however feeling good for having a rest week. My legs didn’t hurt for once. I really by this point wanted to do well and while I didn’t think I had the chance I wanted to push hard and challenge for an age group win. Got pool side and all that changed. I was doing my first front crawl race. Not breast stroke. I must admit I panicked a bit.

However I got into the water and felt fairly strong on the swim. It did feel strange doing front crawl and it did feel like I was splashing loads but I managed to keep pushing and exited the pool faster than I was hoping for. Quicker than last year.

Into transition and my helmet had rolled away a bit, but I just kept calm and did my transition as smooth and unstressed as possible.

Out onto the bike. I felt good. I used the drops for pretty much all of the course. Trying to keep out of the wind as much as possible. It was a head wind going away from the Marina centre.

I managed to over take quite a few ladies and was feeling really pleased. Coming off the bike course was a relief as the traffic was quite bad in paces and I was worried it would rain at any moment.

A quick look at the watch and I was on track for a sub 60. T2 was a little bit slower than I was hoping as my hands were a little bit numb from the ride.

Onto the run and there was that head wind again. However once I got to the turn around point I picked up speed and pushed on for the finish.

I crossed the line in 57:11. Over the moon. 4 mins 12 seconds faster than last year.

Final results put me 4th female overall with an age group as well. Over the moon!!

38/111 overall

4/52 Female

1/7 in Age group

Full results here.

Really did enjoy this event again. The mixture of competitors and loads of club members made it a really friendly event.

Race registration was much faster than last year. They were very prepared and streamlined.

Again the 250m swim comprised of 5 lanes, where you did 2 lengths and then went under the rope into the next lane. After doing 10 lengths you were at the exit side of the pool. This worked really well as it saved you having to keep count.

The 16k bike section also was really good as there was always someone ahead of you to chase. It was 3 laps along Gt Yarmouth sea front.

Finally a 3k run, that was along the promenade. It was an out and back style which again meant it was easy to work out where to go. Finishing at the Marina Centre.


Location – Marina Centre, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2ER

Type – Pool Swim (10 laps), cycle on public roads (3 laps) and a run on beach Promenade (1 lap)

Entry Fee – £38 (£33 with BTF* membership). Same as 2015

Medal – Yes and age group trophies

Goody bag – No

Event facilities  – Cafe, showers, toilets, lockers, paid for parking

Chip timed – Yes

Start Type – Individual timed start, fastest swim times first. All females and then males.

Would I do this event again? – Yes

Overall Score –9.5/10


Liked having the event over two days. It meant everyone could sign up. It was also nice getting to watch one day and compete on the other.

* British Triathlon Membership







Half Ironman Training – Week 3

Wow what a week. I can already hear what some of you are going put as a comment on this post (MTFU!). However I am going to carry on anyway 🙂 I have struggled big time this week with feeling in my bones tired!!

Not sure if it’s down to the training, not sleeping well or working too hard…..maybe all 3? All I know is it’s been a struggle to come home at 7pm and still train, but I have done it. Another week completed, yes!

On a positive note I managed to get to grips with my bike tech and recorded both of my turbo’s this week.

So this weeks plan was

  1. Swim – 1.45 hours
  2. Bike – 1:45 hours
  3. Run – 1:45 hours
  4. Total time – 5:00 hours

My actuals for the week were

  1. Swim – 1:32 hours
  2. Bike –2:38 hours
  3. Run – 2:17 hours
  4. Total time – 6:29

I again did one of the swim sets as pull only to rest my legs. My heart rate was higher this week, but over all did feel good training.

s well as training this week I also did the following

  1. Time commuting to work – 15 hours
  2. Time at work – 44 hours
  3. Time coaching others – 5 hours
  4. Total time – 64 hours



It’s been a while….

After feeling sorry for myself and having to pull out of two races last year, it has been hectic!

The coaches from the club I am in (Beccles Triathlon Club), decided they wanted to pull away from coaching and focus on their own training for a while. As a result they asked me to take over from them.

I am now a level 1 Triathlon coach, who would have thought it! I need to work towards my level 2 this year, which is a daunting and exciting at the same time.

So where am I going with this…. Not many people know the real me, to most I appear confident. This couldn’t be further from the truth, I suffer terribly with self-doubt, low self-esteem and lack confidence.

However what I have learnt not only these past few months but throughout all the events I have taken on. You really can achieve anything if you put your mind to it and have support from friends & family.

So I know this is a cheesy post from me, but I beg you if there is something you have always wanted to do then go for it!

Start running – It REALLY doesn’t matter how slow you are. A 5 minute mile is the same distance as a 10 minute mile.

Learn to swim – It’ll give you confidence and is a fantastic way to get fit

Go cycling – Cycling in the sun and stopping for cake has got to be one of the best ways to exercise

Join a club – The support and encouragement you get, plus the friends you can make is priceless. It makes those cold dark nights when you want to stay in, fun. You don’t have to be an amazing athlete, they are just normal people who all had to start somewhere.

Lastly  Sign up for event – this is really key. It helps to keep you motivated, but it is also  a great way of breaking the monotony of training.  Again from the outside running or cycling events can look elitist and scary. They really are not! You have such a wide range of abilities at any event. You will find they are friendly, fun and the sense of achievement you get at the end is incredible.

Just to tempt you, here are some of my favourite, beginner friendly events to think about signing up to;

Running Events

Cycling Events

Swimming Events

Triathlons (pool based)

Triathlons (Open Water)

Beccles Triathlon Club & Waveney Valley AC

Finding these clubs has had a massive influence on how my life is now.

After completing Fritton Lake and loving it, I knew I wanted to do better at the next Triathlon I had booked. The Victory triathlon was one month away, at this point.

I knew I needed to improve in all areas, having upgraded my bike to a road bike would help on the cycle part. I was doing parkrun which I hope would help with the running. So decided to Google local swimming lessons. I thought learning front crawl would be a good idea to work on.

Firstly I was surprised at how difficult it was to find swimming lessons for adults on-line. Not very encouraging for those who want to learn how to swim or improve/get more confident.

After not having much luck I then tried looking for a local Triathlon club.

I came across Rock Estate but they looked very professional and didn’t think they would welcome a novice newbie like myself so carried on searching. Tri-Anglia were another club I came across but again there wasn’t really anywhere on their site encouraging new members, and its based in Norwich which wasn’t really practical.

I then found Beccles Triathlon Club, and thank goodness I did! Straight away they seemed like a friendly club, that would welcome someone like me. I got in contact with Kate, and have never looked back since.

Kate and Jase have set up a club they should be really proud of. They are both friendly, encouraging and so supportive. I have now learnt front crawl, which I would not have done on my own. Swimming with the club gave me the confidence and push I needed to break out of my comfort zone.

On Wednesday nights we run with Waveney Valley AC running club. Again Richard and Mike are brilliant coaches, they made me feel so welcome but also gave me the motivation and support to really get into running. I NEVER thought I would enjoy running but I do now thanks to them.

I have met so many fantastic people through both clubs, and I want to thank everyone who continues to support, encourage and inspire me. You are all brilliant.

I would recommend anyone who is interested in Triathlon, running, cycling etc to see if there is a local club near you. You won’t regret it.

Beccles Triathlon Club Website 

Waveney Valley AC Website

Parkrun is amazing

So…..I finally managed to complete the 0 to 5k app. After doing week 4 over and over again I managed to get there!! I could jog non-stop for 25/30 mins. Having asthma this was something I thought was impossible.

However this was all in the safety of a gym. Where it was cool and controlled and easy-ish.

It was April 2014 and only 2 months away from the Triathlon I was still in denial about. When my friend Rebecca suggested we go to “parkrun” together.

It was a 5k organised run around Fritton Lake where the triathlon would be taking place and free!

I was terrified but didn’t want to let my friend down so said yes.

The Saturday morning approached way too quickly and I was so scared! The thoughts running through my head were…

1. How will I know where to go

2. What about if I am last

3. Can I even run 5k

4. Everyone is going to laugh at me

However all my fears were for nothing. Everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was fantastic.

I didn’t get lost, I wasn’t last and I managed to jog all the way round. Here is a link to the results –

I can honestly say that parkrun has changed my life. I have now completed 23 parkrun and my time has gone down from 33:19 down to 26:20.

It isn’t a race, you don’t have to run it and I promise you won’t regret giving it a go.

There are 56,609 parkruns worldwide.

Background and getting started

Let’s just start by saying I wasn’t the most active person in the word.

I work in an office and have a bad habit of not leaving my desk.

I drive to and from work.

My hobbies used to be playing computer games or reading with usually a glass of wine.

So as you can imagine it was difficult making the leap and trying to change my habits.

I had been a gym member for the past year and mostly/sometimes went twice a week. Where I mostly walked on the treadmill.

However when 2014 started I knew I had to make a change. I therefore downloaded a 0 to 5k running app. It is an 8 week plan that you can do for around 30 mins, 3 times a week.

Terrified and certain of failure I made a start.