Month: June 2017

Bratislava, Beccles, Bolton & Bumper Bash

This will be the penultimate post before IMUK! How on earth did that happen.

Had feedback from people about how boring my blogs are now, due to the repetitive nature of my training so going to change the format a bit. Unfortunately I am still bad at putting my thoughts into words though so can’t promise it’ll be any more interesting.


So a few weeks ago I took part in the European Aquathlon championships with Vicki and Marcus. I was very excited when I first found out that we would be doing it. That was before all my calf trouble and IM training started. So was feeling a bit apprehensive as the event got closer.

We turned up at the race venue to register and I must admit it wasn’t quite what I expected. It was bit “low key” to say the least. The expo consisted off one stall, selling socks.

We headed to the lake for the “official” test swim. Which again was a little bit low key, we basically just stood next to the lake and got in…..then we got changed on the bank afterwards once we got out. No changing rooms. A couple of guys enjoyed it though as they walked past Vicki and possibly got a flash of a GB AG bum 🙂

How the tables turned when it came to race day! It was a lot more pro! My nerves went through the roof. The worst I have been before a race.

We had to stand in a holding pen and wait for our names to be called. Then walk individually to the start line and stand in a numbered space. As I thought my run would be embarrassingly slow I knew I needed to have a strong swim to not make a fool of myself. So when the starting gun went off I ran into the water, half dived/flopped in and started to swim for my life. Due to the nerves, coldish water and going out to fast caused me to have a panic attack. I just couldn’t breathe out under water. I got myself in a right state, I wanted nothing more that to roll on my back and get the speed boat to come and rescue me. I really couldn’t let everyone down back home though so I took a minute to calm myself and do breaststroke. Eventually I got into the swing of it and completed the swim. The run went so much better than I thought, the crowds were brilliant. Especially these really enthusiastic English guys. It really made the run fun. So overall I was happy when I crossed the line. It really didn’t go to plan but a good learn for Bolton


The weekend after Bratislava was Beccles tri. This event is just incredible, so many club member take part, marshal and come to spectate. It makes all the stress of helping to organise it worth while.

I was so chuffed when I crossed the line and say I managed to break the 1 hour 30 min mark and get a PB. Especially with the amount of training I had done in the lead up to the event. I even met the infamous goose man on route, I thought it was an injured cow…it shocked me when a guy ran past…..

Can’t wait to see the group photos that Jane’s fabulous Dad took.

Bolton and Bumpers

A few months ago Steph and I arranged a return trip to Bolton. We arrived Friday afternoon to check in and have an early night so we could swim in Pennington Flash Saturday morning. We got to the lake and found out they had a IM route on today. Steph, Danny and I swam the 1.9k loop (Danny did 2 loops). While we were in the changing rooms afterwards Steph got talking to a lady and we found out there was an IMUK training weekend taking place that weekend. How lucky!!

We ended up joining the group, who were wonderful and from Tri-Rivington. After a chat in the coffee shop from 7 time Ironman Ray!! Where he broke down nutrition to make it easy to understand and we learnt the fantastic bum bag trick on the bike! We headed to Macron stadium to took a look at T2 and then run part of the run route into town.

After the run we joined them for lunch and a Q&A session. On the Sunday we rode part the IMUK bike route, 75 miles of it. It felt so much better this time around. Had a massive wobble when Steph and I last did it. This time we both had improved so much. Great confidence boost!

It was a really great weekend, lots of great advice and tips. Bit of a bummer driving home though as someone went into the back of my car on the M6. Luckily my bike was undamaged!!!

Totals for weeks 23-26

Swim – 9 hours 32 mins

Bike – 31 hours 31 mins

Run – 8 hours 56 mins