Another good few weeks, think I am ready for Ely now. Famous last words I am sure!

Did my first ever double swim day on the Tuesday. A lovely lake swim to get the distance in and then a social pool swim.

Wednesday was a 5k handicap run. It was a lovely evening and I ran with TC. He has recently returned from a serious accident and it was so good to run with him.

Thursday we did a hilly lunch time work run and cycled over to the time trial in the evening. Didn’t have much in my legs and my time reflected it. However it was great to get some speed work in on the bike.

Friday was a rest day.

Did park run Saturday and ran on my own for the first time in a while. Was pleased to have gotten close to my PB, was 15 seconds short. Hopefully next time.

Sunday we did the Suffolk Spinner as a club ride. It was great fun and a lovely day. Was my longest ride in a while so was pleased to have done the distance and still feel pretty strong at the end.

Totals for week 21

10h 24m total

Swimming – 1h 0m

Cycling – 7h 3m

Running – 2h 21m


Week 22

Decided to be nice and organised and write down a plan for the week. As keep missing out swims and brick sessions.

I even sorted out my swimming kit so I could get to the lido early on Monday and swim before the club session. However this didn’t really go to plan. The lido was so busy and didn’t realise if it was that busy they wouldn’t put the lane in.

I waited 45 minutes before the lane went in and then it was so full and busy it was difficult to swim. However I did manage 30 mins. Better than nothing.

Tuesday night I wasn’t able to train as had a “thank you” meal at work.

Wednesday morning I went or my first ever sea swim! Wow what an experience. Loved it, apart from feeling sea sick at the end. Definitely go again when I can. In the evening it was the BBDRC summer 10k. I decided to run with Boo and pace her round as wasn’t feeling up for getting a PB. The new route is fab, really prefer it.

Thursday was work running club. In the evening I cycled over to TT and marshalled but again didn’t feel up for racing. I managed to run when I got back, finally remembered. Did 1k as short on time.

I normally have Friday as my rest day and do my long run on a Saturday. However as it was my close friends wedding I decided to swap days. It was so hot on Friday though, planned to do a 2 hour run but only managed 1 hour 15 mins. However I had ran longer than I needed to on Wednesday and Thursday so am hoping its okay.

Sunday was the club ride. We cycled over to Southward and back, it was really lovely. There was a Strava challenge for today, to cycle 89k. After leaving Beccles I decided to try and get up to this distance. Am so pleased I did, it was hard on my own knowing which way to go to extend the route home. It wasn’t the best of routes if you look on Strava, but I did it. Again I went for a 1k run when I got off the bike.

Next week is going to be tough as going to Sheffield to give training and means my days will be messed up by travelling. It is also Ride London weekend.


Totals for week 22

9h 57m total

Swimming – 1h 16m

Cycling – 5h 21m

Running – 3h 18m


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