Yet another mixed bag couple of weeks.

Week 12, seems a lifetime ago now. Why do I always leave updating my blog until the last minute.

The week started off with the usual swim coaching on Monday, Tuesday I didn’t get to do any training as I had to travel to London for work.

I did manage to run early Wednesday morning before a work conference. Just over 7.5 km, was lovely running over Tower Bridge. It is so pretty.

Thursday was great fun, Karle and I cycled over to Lound and took part in GYCC’s 10 mile TT. I now have a time to try and beat next time.

Friday I managed to get to the pool and am still enjoying front crawl. Never ever did I think I would say that. I even tried a few lengths of breakstroke and it felt odd…..how odd!

Saturday was my Mums and husbands 50th Parkrun. Am so proud of them for reaching their 50th. I still remember begging them to come with me and dragging them along. How far they have come. Superstars. Managed a 12k run all together.

Took part in Beccles Ride for Life on the Sunday. Really wanted to complete the 50 mile course which I did. As well as cycling there and home again .70 miles in total and even managed a run when I got back. Only 1k but it was still a run. Was feeling chuffed.

Totals for week 12

9h 19m total

Swimming – 0h 39m

Cycling – 6h 40m

Running – 1h 59m

Week 13 started with our last winter swim at Harleston. Tuesday was the clubs annual wetsuit swim at the lido. I could feel I wasn’t right in the afternoon, but put it down to hayfever and cycled over. Swam, started sneezing, again put it down to being outside and pollen. Didn’t feel great but cycled home again.

Woke up Wednesday, felt okay. Not great but not terrible. Headed to running club after work and really didn’t feel right. Was just so cold, and wheezy. Couldn’t run at all, not even with the beginners to help out. Just stood there, with the stop watch, turning blue. Was just so cold! Went to bed not feeling great at all.

What I should have done on Thursday was rest, hindsight is so wonderful. However in my defence I really did still think I had bad hayfever and was just suffering as I hadn’t taken anything. I went for a lovely lunchtime jog with my colleagues, bit wheezy but was okay. The evening was were the mistake came, I went swimming…..in Fritton Lake. It was cold and I swam for longer and further than I have so far this season. Got out and it was cold. Feeling wheezy but chuffed with myself I headed for a bite to eat and then home.

Woke up on Friday…guess what…….yep sick!! Not feeling good at all .Typically it is the one time I leave my laptop at work. So drag myself into the office, sit there until enough people tell me I look like cr*p (more so than usual) and then head home. Work until around 4, then go to the pool as I promised my mum I would go with her and help her get ready for her triathlon on Sunday. She was so nervous and panicking that I couldn’t let her down. Felt very ill by the time I got home, and headed straight to bed.

Saturday was mostly spend in bed, ventured to parkrun to watch but that was a mistake.

Sunday I had my first triathlon technical official shadowing to do. Took painkillers and wrapped up in loads of layers to keep warm. Despite how I felt I really enjoyed the day. My mum took part and did so well, as did loads of other club members. I shadowed in the afternoon children’s race also as that is one of the 4 races I needed to do as part of my accreditation. Got good feedback from John on both races which I am really chuffed about.As soon as I got home I went straight to bed.

All in all not the best of weeks, however I am determined to be well in time for Sundays Outlaw Half. I am the swimmer in a relay team. I can’t let the Armadillo Segments down! Must get well! Trip to doctors tomorrow….maybe….

Totals for week 13

3h 21m total

Swimming – 1h 15m

Cycling – 1h 31m

Running – 0h 35m



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