How time flies! Was supposed to write my blog post Bank Holiday weekend but ran out of time. The same applies for this weekend. So am doing this on my lunchbreak instead.

Now comes the memory test (thankfully Strava is helping to act as a reminder).

Week 10 was good, I have started to stray a little bit off plan. Due to work and beginners running sessions starting in both Beccles and Lowestoft. I am not stressing about it though as I really think its a worthwhile thing to do. I just need to get the balance right.

Monday was swim coaching as usual. Tuesday I had a great swim session, finally feel comfortable when doing front crawl.

Helped out at the beginners session Wednesday night. Managed to do a bit of running.

Thursday I helped out at Lowestoft beginners session.

Friday I got home from work late so no training.

Saturday we cycled as a club to Fritton Lake, did parkrun and then cycled back.

Did a long run on Sunday which included the Scores route. Forgot how tough that course is. Went for a swim in the afternoon. Again a nice long one.

Totals for week 10

8h 56m total

Swimming – 1h 16m

Cycling – 4h 44m

Running – 2h 55m

Week 11 was fairly similar to week 10 but still feel positive about it.

Monday as you know was a bank holiday. Vicki and I went for our first open water swim of the year at Whitlingham. The water was very cold and took longer than normal to start swimming. However once I got going it was really lovely. We were only allowed to be in the water for 30mins, so only swam 800m.  Swimming was cancelled last minute which was a shame so no coaching.

Tuesday I got home from work really late but managed to get on the turbo for 45 mins.

Wednesday was helping the beginners. Again managed to get some running in.

Thursday I ran with the lunchtime club and then a bit in the evening with Lowestoft beginners.

Friday was a night off as it was the Mother in Laws birthday.

Saturday I did Fritton Lake parkrun and then a lovely swim in the lake. Did 1,000m. Hoping to do more on the next swim.

Sunday I went to St Neots to watch the Triathlon and cheer on Vicki. When I got back I went for my longest solo bike ride. Must admit that I didn’t really want to go out but am so pleased I did it was lovely. Even bumped into some friends. After the ride I went for a 1k run. I want to try and now always run off the bike even if its for 5 mins.

I have been trying to get the train to work which means cycling to get the train. Its only a few k but use a heavy old mountain bike and carry my laptop for extra weight.

Totals for week 11

6h 43m total

Swimming – 50m

Cycling – 3h 56m

Running – 1h 57m





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