Month: May 2016


Week 14 didn’t start well. I was still ill so did no training and even had to take time off work, which never happens.

I did manage to go for a little swim Friday night, but nothing major it was more a confidence builder for Sunday.

My cold still hasn’t cleared 100% but am feeling so much better. Hoping to resume training and use Beccles Triathlon as a brick session.

Totals for week 14

1h 32m total

Swimming – 1h 9m

Cycling – 0h 23m

Running – 0h 0m

Outlaw Half Nottingham 2016 – Relay team

We travelled down to Nottingham the afternoon before the race. Was a nice surprise when we got there are a couple of club members were racing in the sprint triathlon. We were able to see Jackie on the bike and Marcus and Ben on the swim, bike and run finish.

Team Armadillo Segments headed to registration and pick up our race numbers, swimming hat, High5 freebies and stickers. Paid for the car park, £5 for all weekend and looked around the expo. As I was only doing the swim my equipment list was minimal when compared to Vicki and Karles, however me being me forgot my swimming costume! I managed to get some lovely and cheap Zoot tri shorts. Pleased with the bargain.

After checking out the expo we headed (via the Erdinger tent) to the race briefing. I was disappointed with the race briefing, they just repeated what was in the competitor pack. I think they could have focused on giving information on what wasn’t in the pack but still helpful to know. Like how shallow the water in the lake is and the sharp rocks…..will come on to that. We were in the tent for 50 min in total and it was way too hot and long in my opinion.

After race briefing we headed to the hotel to check in.

Race Day! After a lovely (not) 3:45 wake up call, we headed back to the venue and helped Vicki and Karle get their stuff ready in transition. It was so strange for me as I have nothing to leave in transition. All the kit I needed would be on me for the swim.

Got into my wetsuit feeling nervous and cold, 6:30am was my start time. As I was getting all packed up ready to head to the lake I realised my coat was missing. Along with my car keys and phone. Nightmare, just as we were about to head to reception to report it missing a guy returned with it. One panic over, however it was now only 7 mins until my start time.

I ran to the lake start area with minutes to spare, phew relax! There were so many people in the wave (nearly all men as well) the race organiser was struggling to get everyone in the lake in time for the start. He got quite stressed and was shouting at everyone to move along.

I got into the water about 1 min from the start gun, not ideal prep as need to acclimatise to the cold before I can put my head in and swim. However not today, I quickly ducked under the water and we were off!

I stayed to the right hand side, at the race briefing the guy said to stay towards the right if you were a slower swimming. Not sure of how I would get on I went there.

The first few minutes I had to alternate between breaststroke and front crawl while my breathing got under control. The cold water took my breath away. However I soon relaxed into front crawl, then all of a sudden my hand hit a sharp rock and got cut. I then felt a rock scratched my leg, the river all of a sudden was really shallow and full of big sharp rocks. There was no warning of this at the race briefing, only instructions to keep to the right if you were slower. Had I known about the rocks I would have swam more towards the middle. My nice, new, beautiful Huub wetsuit now has a hole in it 😦

Putting that aside I ploughed on, determined to make up the lost time faffing around and do my team proud! I was punch, kicked and had my neck clawed at but I didn’t let it phased me. I just speed up or swerved around people.

Made it to the 800m buoy, where you had to then swim across the lake and back to the start. Felt good, I was over taking people and holding my own. Felt slow, but didn’t let it worry me. I knew I just had to keep going for my team. I was sick a little bit with 400m to go but didn’t even stop just kept going.

Finally reached the finish and leaped out of the lake as fast as I could and sprinted the 200m to where Karle was in transition. There was no matting for the run just concrete but I didn’t care I just had to get to Karle as soon as possible and hand over the timing chip.

Had a fast transition and off Karle went without any issues. Phew and relax!!!!

Karle smashed it on the bike, he came in loads sooner than expected. Good job Rob was ready nice and early. Another smooth transistion again and off Rob went. We got to stay in transistion and cheered Vicki onto the run and Rob when he went past for his second lap. Like Karle he was faster than expected and was so close to a PB.

At the finish chute we are got to run down as a team. That was great fun and it felt so good crossing that finish line having all done so well.

Was a really awesome day.

I completed the 1.9k swim in 39:12. Over the moon. After being ill and not having the best training plan leading up to it, to get a PB was just brilliant.

Our team finished in 14th place out of 35 teams.




Full results here.

Loved this event so much. Very professional and a lot of free food and drink.

Race registration was slick and professional.

The swim was an out and back route which was ideal. There were 4 waves of around 300 people.



Location – Holme Pierrepont, National Watersports Centre, Nottingham

Type – Lake Swim (1 lap), cycle on public roads (1 lap) and a run partly along the lake  (2 laps)

Entry Fee – £167.50 (£162.50 with BTF* membership)

Medal – Yes as well as a T-shirt. The medal and Tshirts had relay on them and were a different colour, which I thought was a nice touch. Age group trophies for 1st,2nd and 3rd

Goody bag – Yes, Crisps, High5 starter pack, free Erdinger and swim hat. Buffet after the event also. Free water bottles on the bike. Gels on the bike and run.

Event facilities  – Cafe, showers, toilets, lockers, stalls, paid for parking

Chip timed – Yes

Start Type – Waved start. Males and teams in wave one. Males on waves two and three and then females on wave four.

Would I do this event again? – Yes

Overall Score –9.5/10


The event was amazing. Expensive but the whole atmosphere and freebies over the weekend made it seem more reasonable. The only reason I am not giving a ten is down to the lack of info at the race briefing.

* British Triathlon Membership



Yet another mixed bag couple of weeks.

Week 12, seems a lifetime ago now. Why do I always leave updating my blog until the last minute.

The week started off with the usual swim coaching on Monday, Tuesday I didn’t get to do any training as I had to travel to London for work.

I did manage to run early Wednesday morning before a work conference. Just over 7.5 km, was lovely running over Tower Bridge. It is so pretty.

Thursday was great fun, Karle and I cycled over to Lound and took part in GYCC’s 10 mile TT. I now have a time to try and beat next time.

Friday I managed to get to the pool and am still enjoying front crawl. Never ever did I think I would say that. I even tried a few lengths of breakstroke and it felt odd… odd!

Saturday was my Mums and husbands 50th Parkrun. Am so proud of them for reaching their 50th. I still remember begging them to come with me and dragging them along. How far they have come. Superstars. Managed a 12k run all together.

Took part in Beccles Ride for Life on the Sunday. Really wanted to complete the 50 mile course which I did. As well as cycling there and home again .70 miles in total and even managed a run when I got back. Only 1k but it was still a run. Was feeling chuffed.

Totals for week 12

9h 19m total

Swimming – 0h 39m

Cycling – 6h 40m

Running – 1h 59m

Week 13 started with our last winter swim at Harleston. Tuesday was the clubs annual wetsuit swim at the lido. I could feel I wasn’t right in the afternoon, but put it down to hayfever and cycled over. Swam, started sneezing, again put it down to being outside and pollen. Didn’t feel great but cycled home again.

Woke up Wednesday, felt okay. Not great but not terrible. Headed to running club after work and really didn’t feel right. Was just so cold, and wheezy. Couldn’t run at all, not even with the beginners to help out. Just stood there, with the stop watch, turning blue. Was just so cold! Went to bed not feeling great at all.

What I should have done on Thursday was rest, hindsight is so wonderful. However in my defence I really did still think I had bad hayfever and was just suffering as I hadn’t taken anything. I went for a lovely lunchtime jog with my colleagues, bit wheezy but was okay. The evening was were the mistake came, I went swimming… Fritton Lake. It was cold and I swam for longer and further than I have so far this season. Got out and it was cold. Feeling wheezy but chuffed with myself I headed for a bite to eat and then home.

Woke up on Friday…guess what…….yep sick!! Not feeling good at all .Typically it is the one time I leave my laptop at work. So drag myself into the office, sit there until enough people tell me I look like cr*p (more so than usual) and then head home. Work until around 4, then go to the pool as I promised my mum I would go with her and help her get ready for her triathlon on Sunday. She was so nervous and panicking that I couldn’t let her down. Felt very ill by the time I got home, and headed straight to bed.

Saturday was mostly spend in bed, ventured to parkrun to watch but that was a mistake.

Sunday I had my first triathlon technical official shadowing to do. Took painkillers and wrapped up in loads of layers to keep warm. Despite how I felt I really enjoyed the day. My mum took part and did so well, as did loads of other club members. I shadowed in the afternoon children’s race also as that is one of the 4 races I needed to do as part of my accreditation. Got good feedback from John on both races which I am really chuffed about.As soon as I got home I went straight to bed.

All in all not the best of weeks, however I am determined to be well in time for Sundays Outlaw Half. I am the swimmer in a relay team. I can’t let the Armadillo Segments down! Must get well! Trip to doctors tomorrow….maybe….

Totals for week 13

3h 21m total

Swimming – 1h 15m

Cycling – 1h 31m

Running – 0h 35m



How time flies! Was supposed to write my blog post Bank Holiday weekend but ran out of time. The same applies for this weekend. So am doing this on my lunchbreak instead.

Now comes the memory test (thankfully Strava is helping to act as a reminder).

Week 10 was good, I have started to stray a little bit off plan. Due to work and beginners running sessions starting in both Beccles and Lowestoft. I am not stressing about it though as I really think its a worthwhile thing to do. I just need to get the balance right.

Monday was swim coaching as usual. Tuesday I had a great swim session, finally feel comfortable when doing front crawl.

Helped out at the beginners session Wednesday night. Managed to do a bit of running.

Thursday I helped out at Lowestoft beginners session.

Friday I got home from work late so no training.

Saturday we cycled as a club to Fritton Lake, did parkrun and then cycled back.

Did a long run on Sunday which included the Scores route. Forgot how tough that course is. Went for a swim in the afternoon. Again a nice long one.

Totals for week 10

8h 56m total

Swimming – 1h 16m

Cycling – 4h 44m

Running – 2h 55m

Week 11 was fairly similar to week 10 but still feel positive about it.

Monday as you know was a bank holiday. Vicki and I went for our first open water swim of the year at Whitlingham. The water was very cold and took longer than normal to start swimming. However once I got going it was really lovely. We were only allowed to be in the water for 30mins, so only swam 800m.  Swimming was cancelled last minute which was a shame so no coaching.

Tuesday I got home from work really late but managed to get on the turbo for 45 mins.

Wednesday was helping the beginners. Again managed to get some running in.

Thursday I ran with the lunchtime club and then a bit in the evening with Lowestoft beginners.

Friday was a night off as it was the Mother in Laws birthday.

Saturday I did Fritton Lake parkrun and then a lovely swim in the lake. Did 1,000m. Hoping to do more on the next swim.

Sunday I went to St Neots to watch the Triathlon and cheer on Vicki. When I got back I went for my longest solo bike ride. Must admit that I didn’t really want to go out but am so pleased I did it was lovely. Even bumped into some friends. After the ride I went for a 1k run. I want to try and now always run off the bike even if its for 5 mins.

I have been trying to get the train to work which means cycling to get the train. Its only a few k but use a heavy old mountain bike and carry my laptop for extra weight.

Totals for week 11

6h 43m total

Swimming – 50m

Cycling – 3h 56m

Running – 1h 57m