Another week done and it was a good week.

Monday was the usual swim coaching.

Tuesday as the weather was so nice, I went for a ride with Vicki and Karle. It was a lovely gentle ride out to Southwold, not too windy. Karle however got me and Vicki doing some Strava segment chasing. On the way home it was pretty windy so it was a little tough going. Then we did some 30 second interval sprints. That really finished the legs off. Was a great ride though and we covered almost 50k.

After the ride I headed over to the WVAC Lowestoft session as they wanted a group photo. Had a little run around the park with Bill afterwards.

Wednesday night I helped out with the WVAC beginners session at Beccles. There was around 70 people there. Was so great to see so many there. I did get to run a little bit as I partnered up with one of the ladies.

Thursday lunchtime I went out with the colleagues I work with. They completed their 10 week course so we did our first “real run” together. After work Rob and I went for a meal to celebrate our anniversary as he was working at the weekend.

Friday I got home pretty late from work so only had time for a quick swim before the pool shut. My mum had been saying that she was struggling with her swim so spent most of the time giving her tips which was really nice to do. As she timed herself and realised she was faster than she thought.

Saturday I jogged down to parkrun and my heart rate monitor battery died so decided it was a sign and pushed myself to get a PB. Was supposed to be a zone 2 run but never mind 🙂

I managed to get a PB which I was really pleased about and jogged home.

Went on the club ride Sunday and had very weary legs. The head wind seemed so strong so I just plodded along to Beccles, thankful for Vicki and Karle being away lol. We did a nice gentle club ride and I cycled home again. The ride home was far less relaxing as I was getting picked up at 12:45 to help out at a charity triathlon at the UEA and we only got back to Beccles at 12!!! I had to really push it on the way home and guess what, yes I had a headwind on the way back. A really strong one as well. Why does it always do that.

I reached home with 5 mins to spare. Had the quickest shower and change of clothes ever and headed over to the sports park. They were doing a sports relief fun triathlon. It was really great to help out. I counted lengths for one team. Did a 5k run for another team and just gave as much support and encouragement to everyone as I could. Afterwards I was able to get in a quick 750m swim. Which was good as I did my 400m at the end so I can now send off my Beccles Triathlon time.

So yet again I didn’t really stick to plan but it was close enough I think.







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