Half Ironman training – Week 8

A week of ups, downs and cramp!!

Monday was a busy couple of swimming session but as always it was enjoyable.

Tuesday was a really tough, low day. We had to say goodbye to our friend Marcus. To be honest I could have quite easily locked myself indoors after the wake and felt sorry for myself. However I made myself train as I knew it would make be feel better, even if just for a few a hours.  I went for a bike ride and then a swim at Waterlane. There were a couple of men in each of the lanes and for the first time I didn’t chicken out. I actually joined them. I did 1,600m and jumped out of the pool only to get terrible cramp in both legs. It was really painful. I went and sat in the jacuzzi for a bit but it didn’t really help.

Woke up Wednesday and I will still sore, it really hurt to walk. Therefore at running club I took it really easy.

On Thursday they were still sore and I had some club errands to do. Again I must admit I was so tempted when I finally got home at 8.30 to just stay in. I decided to go swimming with Vicki and Lauren instead and try out my Beccles tri-suit. It felt great to swim in. Think the swim helped my calf pain. The best bit about Thursday was the lovely group I have been coaching at lunchtimes (voluntarily) got me a card and some energy gels as a thank you. It was the last of the 10 week plan. Everyone has come on so much and we are going to carry on the sessions.

Friday was a mad rush to train and get round my friends as I was having dinner round there. I got home at 6:05 and had to be there for 7! A quick 30 min turbo and 10 min run (legs much better!) was all I had time for.

Saturday I went to a course at the Hilton in Stansted airport with Karle. It was to become a Triathlon Technical Official. It was a one day course and we have to now do 3 placements at races with other coaches, before doing our practical test on the 4th.  We also have a written exam to complete.

On Sunday we had a club ride out to Lound to test out the GYCC 10 mile time trial route. It was so great to have a total of 12 of us and nice sunny weather. After the ride Vicki and I did a 45 min run.










  1. I’m so glad I decided to go for my run earlier when I didn’t really want to. If I hadn’t, and had then read this, I think I would never have been able to look you in the eyes again!!!
    Amazing stuff Suzy, keep it up.


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