Half Ironman training – Week 5

Deja Vu, life moves on and time is a healer.

Determined to get back into training this week. Decided after missing almost all my training last week to repeat week 4.

However a tough work schedule and a planned trip to my sisters did make it a little tricky. I am pleased to say that apart from one swim session I was successful! Boxes in green (see above) are training sessions I completed.

The swimming this week was tough, felt like I was in treacle. Will try not to go so long without swimming again.

On the train to my sisters I re-read my training book again and realised that I need to take my training a little bit more seriously. The zone 2 training is there for a reason, so next week am going to work on that. I might even do week 4 again, as this week is another busy one work wise.

Apart from training this week has been awesome from a coaching point of view. The run coaching I am doing at work is really going well and getting great feedback. Also had a great transition session with the club that seemed to go well. Good times.

This weeks totals


  1. Swim – 1.30 hours
  2. Bike – 1:45 hours
  3. Run – 1:45 hours
  4. Total time – 5:00 hours

My actuals for the week were

  1. Swim – 0:45 hours
  2. Bike –1:54 hours
  3. Run – 1:57 hours
  4. Total time – 4:37

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