Half Ironman Training – Week 4 dedicated to M.C

I seem to say this every week, sorry! Really what a week though.

It started off a normal week, swim coaching Monday night. A really good turbo session on Tuesday, then I merrily walked to the swimming pool. Only to get there are realise I had forgotten my goggles. Normally I would had just gone back and collected them. However it was a 20 min walk each way and swimming finished in 1 hour.

So I headed to reception and luckily they had one pair in the lost and found box. Got changed and into the pool and the goggles were no good. They leaked.

After doing only 150m I got out and just decided to chill in the sauna, it had been a stressful day anyway and I could swim later in the week. Not 100% sure when but just later.

Got into the sauna and a mum and her daughter came in. The mum seemed to think I looked like a swim, she must have missed me failing around for the past few lengths! Anyway she was asking me how her daughter could pass her swim PE exam.

I watched her do a few lengths, gave the girl a couple pieces of feedback, she went again and looked great. Good deed of the day done, was feeling happy!

Wednesday wasn’t such a good day, woke up with a cold. Boo!!! No running for me tonight.

Thursday still full of cold, no training for me. It’s where the week turned really terrible though. Don’t want to go into the details. It was just a very, very sad and emotional evening. Please remember the important things in life are friends and family.

Yes training is important and being ill is annoying. However turn it into a positive. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages and catch up with them, spend time with your family.  You never know when you might get the chance again. Don’t take them for granted.

Friday & Saturday – No training, still ill and down

Sunday – I managed to complete the Broadland half marathon. So pleased, even got a PB. 2:06:26. 3 minute faster than Las Vegas. Chuffed.

Anyway this weeks plan was

  1. Swim – 1.45 hours
  2. Bike – 1:45 hours
  3. Run – 1:45 hours
  4. Total time – 5:00 hours

My actuals for the week were

  1. Swim – 0:05 hours
  2. Bike –0:34 hours
  3. Run – 2:06 hours
  4. Total time – 2:45







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