Half Ironman Training – Week 1

What a difference it makes having a plan! I know it is only week 1 and am sure the novelty will soon wear off. However I am really enjoying having a training schedule to follow.

So the plan for this week had the following totals

  1. Swim – 1.30 hours
  2. Bike – 1:15 hours
  3. Run – 1:15 hours
  4. Total time – 4 hours

My actuals for the week were

  1. Swim – 1:31 hours
  2. Bike – 1:20 hours
  3. Run – 2:36 hours
  4. Total time – 5:27

Overall pretty close. Did more running than the schedule said but there will be weeks like this where there are races etc Am not too worried as long as the swim and bike don’t suffer.

As well as training this week I also did the following

  1. Time commuting to work – 12 hours
  2. Time at work – 34 hours (1 day off this week)
  3. Time coaching others – 5 hours
  4. Total time – 49 hours

Roll on week 2……




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