Pinewoods Spring Triathlon – 14th June 2015 Review

Signed up to this event as I really enjoyed it when I took part last September.

It was lovely on race day as I wasn’t my usual nervous wreck, don’t get me wrong. I did still have pre-race jitters. However there was no pressure on this race, I just wanted to beat my previous time. (Results can be found here – 1:07:32)

Registration was offered the night before. Which is great for those local. I registered on the morning and there was only one person in the queue.

I collected my race number and goody bag.

Transition was really nice as they let you pick where you wanted to rack up. It was also only 4 bikes to a section which was great.

My race number was 26 in the Yellow wave. The swim order was females first, slowest to fastest swimmers in waves of 4. There was a 3 minute gap between each wave, some of the lanes early on did get a little bit congested. However I was really lucky in my lane. I only had one other swimmer and we didn’t get in each others way.

The 300m swim was 12 lengths in one lane. There were marshals counting your lengths and warned when you had 2 left to go.

Transition was outside right next to the pool. So it wasn’t far to go. I put on my kit, grabbed my bike and headed off on the 17k ride. It was a 1 lap route, which included one monster hill. It was a lovely (mostly) countryside route. Easy to follow, but slightly challenging to ride as the road was wet and it wasn’t very flat. It was enjoyable though as there were plenty of competitors to chase down. I was only over taken by two people. One was Vicki who is a fantastic cyclist and the other was a GB age grouper, so overall was really pleased. However I did feel slow over some of the route, just didn’t have the power in my legs today. More bike work needed.

After racking my bike it was onto the 3k run. The 1 lap route went through a caravan park with a gravel road and then into the forest for an off road section. The run was tough as there was no hard surface, but I managed to push fairly hard and although it hurt I felt much more comfortable than Beccles. Was really pleased when I finished and no one had over taken me as I did have quite a few ladies on my heels. The run was really enjoyable as it was out and back which meant I got to see Vicki on the way out and Karle, Eirrin and Sean on the way back. Was a great morale boost and took away the pain for a few seconds!

I sprinted a few meters to the finish and crossed the line in 1:03:20. Was so chuffed. A difference of 4 mins and 12 seconds faster. What is more, I managed to improve in all areas. Swim, T1, Bike, T2 and the run.

I finished 2nd in my age group (the official results say 3rd but Vicki G was 3rd overall, which made me second) and was 7 out of 29 women overall.

Full set of results are here 


Location – Pinewood Leisure Centre, Holt Road. Upper Sheringham. Norfolk NR26 8TU

Type – Pool Swim (12 laps), cycle on public roads (1 lap) and a run on public paths and off road (1 lap)

Entry Fee – £38 (£33 with BTF* membership)

Medal – Yes and age group trophies. They didn’t award many trophies, due to not many competitors.

Goody bag – Yes. Precision hand water bottle, SiS gel and a 15% discount voucher for Pilch Intersport. Free swim cap also.

Event facilities  – Showers, toilets, lockers, free parking, Pilch stall, bike maintenance, massage tent and coffee truck.

Chip timed – Yes

Start Type – Individual timed start, start time based on swim speed. Females first and then males.

Would I do this event again? – Yes

Overall Score – 9/10

Summary Nice friendly event, that really welcomes first timers. Was nice having the guy on loud speaker giving encouragement. Awesome medal.


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