Triathlon hints and tips – v2

It is amazing the amount of little things I have picked up from the Triathlon training day and from fellow Triathletes. Hope you find the below useful, and sorry if these are well known

  • Always wear your timing chip on your left leg. This stops the risk of getting it caught in your bike chain
  • If it is raining bring plastic bags to put your trainers and cycling shoes in. Will mean you have dry shoes to put on during transition
  • Screw up your race number. This helps to stop it from flapping around so much
  • Lie your helmet with the chin strap open, and place the helmet so that you put your hands either side and lift it straight onto your head
  • Always take your bike out for a quick ride when you get to an event. To make sure you are in the right gear and your bike didn’t get damaged in transport
  • Buy a mini hole punch, this really helps for attaching race numbers if there are no holes already in them
  • Rack your bike, with the handle bars facing towards you. That way all you need to do is push back on the handle bars and the bike will easily come off the rack
  • Rack your bike at the end closest to the mount line. It is faster to run without your bike than with it
  • Relax and enjoy yourself. My best triathlon times have been when I have smiled and enjoyed the event
  • Elastic laces are brilliant and well worth the money
  • If doing a long run (or you always wear socks), take the time to put socks on. It will only take an extra minute at the most and it is well worth it
  • Check out the bike route before the race if you can. It is easy to miss or take a wrong turn on the day
  • If it is warm enough and you have the confidence in the lake, don’t be afraid to go without a wet-suit. You can save lots of time in transition by not wearing one
  • If like me you suffer from asthma, take your time in Transition and catch your breath and calm your breathing down
  • Always bring warm clothes to change into after the race

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