You can swim breaststroke at Triathlons!

The last part of my Triathlon journey was the swim.

I enjoyed swimming at the gym pool, and spent the odd 30 minutes once a week or so gently swimming breaststroke. Not getting my head in the water or swimming very far.

However I wanted to get more confident and speed up a little, I figured the best way was to improve my stroke and get my head in the water.

So I invested in some googles and made a start. It was scary and difficult to begin with, I would breathe in and out when I lifted my head out of the water and found swimming for more than 2/3 lengths so difficult and trying.

In the end I figured out that I could breathe out when my head was submerged, it was tough to start with and I really had to concentrate but over time it got more and more natural. It then meant I could take a deeper breathe when my head was raised as I wasn’t breathing out, as well as in.

Over the next few weeks and months I increased the amount of lengths I could swim with out stopping from 5 to 25 (500m) and eventually to 50 (1k).

If like me you are new to swimming, I would say do whatever swimming stroke feels natural. Front crawl or breaststroke are both fast swimming techniques and allowed at Triathlons. I had read so many posts saying “you can’t swim breaststroke at a Triathlon” but that just isn’t true.

The swim is a small part of a Triathlon so don’t worry about the time and just get through it. Too many people let the swim section put them off, however you just need to relax and enjoy it.

Up next….I went to a Triathlon training day. That’s when the fun really started!!


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