Like riding a bike 

Back to my Triathlon Journey. 

I hadn’t rode a bike since middle school however I had been using a stationary bike at the gym for probably a few months. Cycling 30 minutes a couple of times a week. So I wasn’t too worried about the cycling part of Tri. 

The end of April arrived and I finally purchase a bike. I didn’t have much money or a clue about bikes, however I ended up with this hybrid cycle for a reasonable price –

So out I went into the real world on my shinney new bike and was surprised at how different cycling is outside of the gym. I know it seems obvious however in my lovely world of denial I didn’t even consider

  1. Gym seats are like arm chairs compared to real bike seats
  2. You can’t change the difficulty level of a hill
  3. Wind is evil
  4. Changing gears is hard work

All of that being said after the first few nervous trips out I really did start to enjoy cycling on the road. It wasn’t boring like the gym and being out in the countryside on a nice sunny day is just fantastic. 

What I do really want to stress with this post is you don’t need an expensive road bike to enjoy cycling. I did my Triathlon on this bike (will talk more about this later) and it was absolutely fine. I wasn’t the only one without a road bike and I didn’t get left behind. 

Please don’t feel under pressure to have a fancy bike. Just get what you feel comfortable with and enjoying cycling.  


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