So onto my first review – 5K Runner App

I waned to include some reviews of apps, kit and events I have completed in this blog.

The first exercise app I downloaded was “5K Runner” by Clear Sky Apps LTD for my iphone.

This app really made the prospect of running much less scary. It is an 8 week programme that only takes around 30 mins, 3 times per week.

The great thing about the app is you really can be flexible. I often only had time to do 2 runs per week, some weeks I found really tough (I had to do week four around three times before I could move on) however it really didn’t matter.

The app allows you to mark a workout as complete and remove it again if needed. It also doesn’t track when you completed the workout so in the end I didn’t look at each weeks training but just what I had to do next time. That way if I had a busy week I didn’t feel so bad about missing a session and just carried on when I could.

You can also play music or audiobooks while having the app voice prompt you for what to do next.

That is another tip I would give, if like me you find running on a treadmill boring try listening to an audio book. I use audible and find it really does help.


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