Month: February 2015

Like riding a bike 

Back to my Triathlon Journey. 

I hadn’t rode a bike since middle school however I had been using a stationary bike at the gym for probably a few months. Cycling 30 minutes a couple of times a week. So I wasn’t too worried about the cycling part of Tri. 

The end of April arrived and I finally purchase a bike. I didn’t have much money or a clue about bikes, however I ended up with this hybrid cycle for a reasonable price –

So out I went into the real world on my shinney new bike and was surprised at how different cycling is outside of the gym. I know it seems obvious however in my lovely world of denial I didn’t even consider

  1. Gym seats are like arm chairs compared to real bike seats
  2. You can’t change the difficulty level of a hill
  3. Wind is evil
  4. Changing gears is hard work

All of that being said after the first few nervous trips out I really did start to enjoy cycling on the road. It wasn’t boring like the gym and being out in the countryside on a nice sunny day is just fantastic. 

What I do really want to stress with this post is you don’t need an expensive road bike to enjoy cycling. I did my Triathlon on this bike (will talk more about this later) and it was absolutely fine. I wasn’t the only one without a road bike and I didn’t get left behind. 

Please don’t feel under pressure to have a fancy bike. Just get what you feel comfortable with and enjoying cycling.  


Parkrun is amazing

So…..I finally managed to complete the 0 to 5k app. After doing week 4 over and over again I managed to get there!! I could jog non-stop for 25/30 mins. Having asthma this was something I thought was impossible.

However this was all in the safety of a gym. Where it was cool and controlled and easy-ish.

It was April 2014 and only 2 months away from the Triathlon I was still in denial about. When my friend Rebecca suggested we go to “parkrun” together.

It was a 5k organised run around Fritton Lake where the triathlon would be taking place and free!

I was terrified but didn’t want to let my friend down so said yes.

The Saturday morning approached way too quickly and I was so scared! The thoughts running through my head were…

1. How will I know where to go

2. What about if I am last

3. Can I even run 5k

4. Everyone is going to laugh at me

However all my fears were for nothing. Everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was fantastic.

I didn’t get lost, I wasn’t last and I managed to jog all the way round. Here is a link to the results –

I can honestly say that parkrun has changed my life. I have now completed 23 parkrun and my time has gone down from 33:19 down to 26:20.

It isn’t a race, you don’t have to run it and I promise you won’t regret giving it a go.

There are 56,609 parkruns worldwide.

So onto my first review – 5K Runner App

I waned to include some reviews of apps, kit and events I have completed in this blog.

The first exercise app I downloaded was “5K Runner” by Clear Sky Apps LTD for my iphone.

This app really made the prospect of running much less scary. It is an 8 week programme that only takes around 30 mins, 3 times per week.

The great thing about the app is you really can be flexible. I often only had time to do 2 runs per week, some weeks I found really tough (I had to do week four around three times before I could move on) however it really didn’t matter.

The app allows you to mark a workout as complete and remove it again if needed. It also doesn’t track when you completed the workout so in the end I didn’t look at each weeks training but just what I had to do next time. That way if I had a busy week I didn’t feel so bad about missing a session and just carried on when I could.

You can also play music or audiobooks while having the app voice prompt you for what to do next.

That is another tip I would give, if like me you find running on a treadmill boring try listening to an audio book. I use audible and find it really does help.

Background and getting started

Let’s just start by saying I wasn’t the most active person in the word.

I work in an office and have a bad habit of not leaving my desk.

I drive to and from work.

My hobbies used to be playing computer games or reading with usually a glass of wine.

So as you can imagine it was difficult making the leap and trying to change my habits.

I had been a gym member for the past year and mostly/sometimes went twice a week. Where I mostly walked on the treadmill.

However when 2014 started I knew I had to make a change. I therefore downloaded a 0 to 5k running app. It is an 8 week plan that you can do for around 30 mins, 3 times a week.

Terrified and certain of failure I made a start.

How it all began

I can’t remember exactly when it happened but it was late 2013 and I was round my friend Rebecca’s.

She had recently moved back to Lowestoft and we were having a nice glass of wine. Talked moved to Rebecca wanting to get her fitness back after giving birth to Sebastian.

Somehow this ended up with me agreeing to do a Triathlon with her the very next June.

Having all the courage in the world that a few glasses of wine gives you….I stupidly thought……how hard could doing one be?


Hi and welcome.

I was asked to start this blog by a few people.

I’m not very good at putting my thoughts into words so please bear with me. I promise to be honest and open, hopefully helpful….in return please forgive me for my poor grammar.

I plan to talk about Triathlon’s, running & stuff! Hopefully give help and advice to other people like me who might be thinking of starting running or trying a Triathlon.

Last year I started training for and taking part in Triathlon’s, parkrun & other sporting events.

I even joined a Triathlon club and am currently learning front crawl. All my Triathlons so far have been completed doing breaststroke.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts, I am open to feedback and suggestions so please comment or message me directly.