East Coast Triathlon 2018 – 1st Female!

I have a love/hate relationship with this triathlon and after having given it a miss last year I decided to give it a go again.

The reasons I love it;

  • It is short! Super Sprint – 250m swim, 17k bike and a 2.7k run
  • Well supported
  • Flat
  • Easy contained bike and run route so no risk of getting lost


The reasons I hate it;

  • It’s short! Which means all out hard as you can go which is tough! It also means one mistake and it can cost you lots of places in the results
  • It is always cold!! Not matter how sunny it is
  • Traffic! There is always loads of traffic and the roads are not closed


Anyway onto the event. The swim sets people off every 30 seconds and you complete 10 lengths of the pool before exiting. I was lucky and the lady before me decided to not race which meant I had a minute gap. However I still caught the lady in front of me after only 6 lengths. She was swimming so slow and clearly put down the wrong time when asked what she would complete it in as mine was spot on (well 1 second out). As there was no one else in the lane I decided to go around her. I completed the rest of the swim with no drama’s and exited the pool.

You have to then run about 100m on concreate to transition (One more to add to the hate list, it hurts!) Onto the bike and only a few hundred meters in I got caught by the first set of traffic lights, only a few seconds but its annoying as you have to slow right down and then work hard to get your speed back up. 200 meter down the road I got stuck again, this time for longer. Eventually I made it past the traffic lights sections and onto the three lap part of the course. I was feeling good on the bike and was passing the ladies in front of me and even lapping those who swam after me. On the last lap a lovely BMW driver decided to go past me and then slow right down. I went past him and he did it again. This carried on a few times, turns out he was doing it all afternoon. What is wrong with some people!! Anyway I exited the three laps and got caught at the lights outside Britannia pier for AGES! I was there that long the marshals told me to just go, frustrated I peddled hard to the dismount line, jumped off the bike and headed on to the run.

I felt strong on the run and was running quick for me. It hurt but really wanted to push on make up the time I lost on the bike. There were loads of pedestrians to navigate around but it made the run less boring. I managed to over take a couple of ladies and again had no one go past me. I tried to push on and go even faster but my lungs wouldn’t let me, however I rounded the corner to the finish line and managed a sprint finish. Was chuffed to bits when I checked my watch to see I managed to bag a 5 min PB from two years ago. 52:01 was my finishing time.

As I had lost so much time due to the traffic and lights I was sure I would only get an Age group win at best, so when the results were announced I couldn’t believe it when they announced I had won, I was the fastest female on the day.  I had never managed a top three finish at a triathlon before, so was shocked but over the moon!!! Real confidence booster after my health blip in March, the training is paying off.




It’s all about perspective…

After the highs of the race season last year, and the first few months of this year being so positive from a personal point of view (NYC! amongst other things) I came crashing back down to earth with a bit of a bump a few weeks ago.

I went for a routine smear test and a week letter received a letter saying they had found high grade (severe) dyskaryosis and that I needed to call the hospital to make an appointment as soon as possible. Inclosed with the letter was a leaflet with lots of cancer support adverts. Felt like the rug has well and truly been pulled out from under me.

For those that don’t know, I suffer from bad anxiety and struggle to cope with situations other than imagine the worst case scenario. So getting this letter really hit me hard and I found it difficult to deal with. As always Nick along with a couple of close friends I confided in really did help me. Please talk to someone if you struggle like me, it always does help to talk!

Anyway after cancelling a work trip to London I managed to get an appointment for the coming Monday morning. Long story short I had parts of my cervix removed there and then. I won’t go into the details but it was pretty invasive and a bit painful! The cells that were removed had to be sent for a biopsy. I have since had the all clear, CIN3 but not cancerous. Feeling very relived but also slightly guilty (that isn’t the right word but I hope you understand what I mean) as I know a few people at the moment going through cancer treatment. I wish their news was a good as mine. Ladies please go for a smear test. Yes it is embarrasing but it only takes 5 mins, you can have someone go in with you and it is always performed by a female nurse. Please don’t assume it’ll never happen to you.

Since having the treatment I have felt pretty awful. Drained, emotional, sore and just not myself. I have struggled with my training, albeit I am only allowed to cycle and run at the moment. Will finally get to resume swimming tomorrow. I just haven’t been able to get anywhere near the effort I could before hand. I must admit I really was starting to let it get to me. I think the main problem is, it all happened so fast and the “procure” was done while I was awake so it doesn’t really feel real. However my body is trying to heal and recover from the trauma of the treatment. Yet again those close to me have spoke to me and helped me see sense yet again……why people don’t just give up on me I will never understand, I am so annoying!

So, going forward from here I am going to (try) and relax about my training and just enjoy it. I am really lucky to be healthy and to be able to exercise. This is something I should never take for granted and enjoy it.

So the road to Beccles triathlon starts here. Before all of this I had goals in my head for the event, however now I promise to be at that start line smiling and looking forward to competing with the best friends and club I could ever ask for! If I so happen to get a PB even better 😉




Long Course Weekend Mallorca 2018

Wow what a way to end an absolutely incredible year! This event was just brilliant. I am now injured as a result but it was worth it! Loved it.

Guest blogger Vicki Grice summed the whole weekend up brilliantly.

Some time ago myself and Suzy hatched a plan for an end of season get away; and what better way to end the season than to enter a long course tri and split it over 3 days,otherwise known as the LCW Mallorca. Plus we’d seen that the medals interlock and we needed this on our medal rack, with 3 individual medals and a 4th for going long and getting through!!
It wasn’t the smoothest of starts with our airport car park looking like somewhere we could have easily been murdered, but after safely making it to the airport my eyes decided to read completely the wrong gate number meaning we had to be escorted to our actual gate by a lovely airport security man, then run to make our flight!! Think my heart rate was higher at this point than at anytime over the whole weekend!!
Anyway to the race… read on..
Swim Day; 2 x 1.9km laps of Alcudia bay, exactly the same course as Ironman 70.3 in May only this time the jellyfish had joined in the party. With a mass start and an Australian exit after the first lap we all bundled into the water. I loved the swim (Who’d have thought!) and was pleased to have got close to the 1 hour mark with 1..01.15 after having to run a stupid distance across the beach to get the the finish line.I didn’t have to wait long for Suz who smashed her Ironman swim time by 8 mins coming home in 1.25.36. She then went directly to the medical tent for ice after the jelly ‘bitches’ got her twice, once on each lap! Up shot of being done for the day was that we were back at the hotel by 11am after having a celebratory donut!
Bike Day; Having had our hire bikes delivered the day before we rode the short distance to the bike start. Over the whole weekend this was the only cut off we were worried about, we had to get to 86km by 12 noon (3hr 30mins from race start) which meant starting as high up the field as possible. The sportive was draft legal so our plan was to latch on to a group to make it easier for ourselves and save the legs. As I was sitting 5th in the female general classification I got called forward to start in a special bike pen – very surreal, surely never to be repeated but a great experience, hanging out with Lucy Gossage and a few other pros. Suz did a great job of muscling her way to the front which meant we could start together after all as this had been the plan from the start. Swim separately and bike/run together to make it more social. Well the gun went off and any thoughts of a social were well out of the window as we rode the first 50km at around a 36kph average hanging in with  biggish group who were doing a great job of cutting through the headwind. After this the elastic snapped and we were a group of 3 taking turns rotating to keep momentum. We went through half way in 2hr 43 – what the hell were we worried about?! Suz was a powerhouse on the bike keeping me sheltered from the wind (I died badly between 100-110km) the euphoria of hitting the cut off was well and truely gone at this point and i was literally just peddling to get to the feed station. Our plan was not to stop atall on the first lap due to our cut off worries so i was glad to fill up my water bottle with ISO take some paracetamol and consume some additional calories, then it was back on the bike. We slowed on the second lap which wasn’t suprising, we did pick op a German man who just sat in and did no work, then a Spanish guy who just surged and died then finally within the last 20k a woman who was prepared to work after sitting in initially for some respite. We finished in 5.56.42 including the stop.. hugs and high 5’s all round – oh and obviously another donut, washed down with some Erdinger!!
Run Day; A mere marathon now stood between us for the coveted 4th medal. Our plan as with the bike was to stick together. Suz had been struggling with her knee during our last long run so we decided on a pace of 6.10/15 per km. The course was 4.5 loops of a 9km ish route – fairly dull and not much in the way of support until we hit the promenade. What I was not expecting was at 7km to hear what I thought was an injured animal behind me only to realise that the haunting feral sound actually was Suzy hobbling along telling me her knee had gone, after some limpy running she was back but clearly in a considerable amount of pain, we slowed and she gritted her teeth taking on paracetamol to aid her.The run was broken up by our favourite photographer who enjoyed our stupid poses (thumbs up, dabbing, muscles and a delirious Bruce Forsyth before we ended with a hug.. aaahh! Just in case you were wondering!!) We got lapped by the legend that is Lucy G chatting away and giving us encouragement as she passed to run a time of 3hr5mins. Suzy was holding it together well we saw friendly faces on the course during the switchbacks, earnt ourselves the nicknames ‘Beccles Beautiful Butterflies’ but some of the guys who had finished the half mara and enjoyed the over-enthusiastic teenagers manning the feed stations trying to pressure us into gel induced comas – although by lap 4 I think they were fairly bored of us!! Just before we got onto the final stretch it started to rain – great this will cool us down I thought, what was forecast to be a light rain shower turned into a torrential rain storm where the road literally turned into a river- we were absolutely soaked,but the rain stopped in time for us to cross the line in 4.45.18 another massive PB for Suzy compared to the Ironman run.
The finishers medal and ceremony was definitely worth our weekend efforts, we got cheered down the finishers chute, clapped and high 5’d the other competitors. The introduced everyone individually to recognise their efforts.. for a few minutes we were all winners!! Final standings I placed 16th in 11.43.15 combined time and Suz was 23rd 12.07.37
Things we learnt;
No – we didn’t eat the same as Lucy Gossage did for breakfast – she was staying in our hotel and we spied on her!
Yes – the bling is ALWAYS worth it
Sometimes – we break even our own expectations
I’m possibly immune to the initial impact of jellyfish stings
Suzy’s feet are worse than mine when it comes to blisters growing to the size of additional toes!


Challenge Mallorca 70.3 – 2017

I was gifted a place in this race from a friend who could no longer compete, I am doing Long Course Weekend in a few weeks and should really be training for that. However the opportunity was too good to turn down. I wanted to try and re-qualify for the GB Age group team and needed a time as close to 6 hours as I could get. My two previous 70.3 times were 6 hours 20 min at Ely last year and 7 hours 1 min at Mallorca in May this year.

I took my bike with me and went for a spin on the Thursday. My gears were playing up so when I registered on the Friday I took it to the race mechanic and he sorted them out for me. Really impressed as it was a free service and my bike has honestly never felt smoother. Awesome service!

Due to the size of this race it was a clear transition policy the same as the race I did earlier in the year. Which means you have to bag up your T1 and T2 kit and drop them off with your bike the night before the race. You could still access these race morning so if you had forgotten anything it wasn’t a problem.

Come race morning the sea looked beautiful, really calm and clear. All of the women were in a wave together and we started after all the elites and men had started. The water was so warm, it was a lovely swim…..apart from not being able to sight at all. The turn buoys were so far away it was impossible to see them. There were also no marker buoys, so all I could do was follow the pack and hope they were heading in the right direction. Eventually we reached the turnaround buoys and it was nice being able to push on and just swim without worrying about direction. However when we turned to head back to shore the same issue was there. You couldn’t see where you had to exit the beach and everyone has spread out so was difficult to follow someone. I eventually got close enough to shore to see the exit buoys but my swim was a lot slower than I was hoping for as I spent so much time trying to sight. Did the long run to T1 and grabbed by bike bag. The bike course was beautiful, it was hillier than I was expecting and very warm but loved it. Passed so many people on the bike and felt really strong.

After I completed the two laps, I headed back into transition and grabbed the run bag. Heading out onto the run the heat just hit you, it was 32 degress by this point. I started the 1st of the 4 laps and started an internal battle with myself. All I wanted to do was walk, the run route was hilly and hot. However I really wanted to run the whole thing as I have never managed to do that before in a half. I decided I would walk the aid stations but apart from them I would run. People all around me were walking and I wanted to join them so badly but pushed on and eventually I was on the last lap. I turned the corner to the finish area and my time was 6 hours 9 mins, I was desperate to not let the clock click over to 10 mins so I sprinted the last 200m. Crossed the line in 6:09:47!! Yay!

It wasn’t the 6 hours I wanted but given the hilly bike course (1,000m of climbs) and the hilly/hot run I was pleased. It was a PB.

Results can be found here.

They engraved your medal for free post-race. If you get the chance I would recommend doing this race next year. They have early bird entry at the moment!

Woodlands Triathlon 2017 – 4th Female and AG Win

It has been a long time since my last super sprint triathlon,  April 2016 in fact!!

However I thought it would be fun to do one after spending all year IM training.

 Typically I got a cold during the week and come Sunday morning I really wasn’t feeling great. My breathing was very limited. Doing parkrun and a 10 mile bike TT the day before probably didn’t help either!

 Anyway racked my bike in transition and headed to the pool. I started the swim and it was terrible, the swim is normally my favourite part of the race but I just couldn’t breathe. I had to breathe every stroke which was just exhausting. I normally breathe every 3. However I made it through the 300m and headed for T1. I didn’t even dare look at my time as I was convinced it was slow.

 Enjoyed the bike part of the race, my breathing although laboured wasn’t too bad. My legs hurt quite a bit and didn’t feel as fresh as I wanted them too. Especially when I hit the hill, however I just kept turning the peddles and was pleased to head back into T2 having had no one over take me.  Looked at my watch and I was almost 5 minutes faster than the last time I did this race 2.5 years ago.

 Headed out onto the run and it was terrible. My breathing was awful, I really thought I was going to have to stop and pull out of the race. However I made myself just put one foot in front of the other and still had no one pass me. Finally made it to the finished and crossed the line in 57:24 which was almost 6 minutes faster than last time.

 I somehow ended up finishing in 4th place (out of the females) only 18 seconds off coming third and won my age group.

Bratislava, Beccles, Bolton & Bumper Bash

This will be the penultimate post before IMUK! How on earth did that happen.

Had feedback from people about how boring my blogs are now, due to the repetitive nature of my training so going to change the format a bit. Unfortunately I am still bad at putting my thoughts into words though so can’t promise it’ll be any more interesting.


So a few weeks ago I took part in the European Aquathlon championships with Vicki and Marcus. I was very excited when I first found out that we would be doing it. That was before all my calf trouble and IM training started. So was feeling a bit apprehensive as the event got closer.

We turned up at the race venue to register and I must admit it wasn’t quite what I expected. It was bit “low key” to say the least. The expo consisted off one stall, selling socks.

We headed to the lake for the “official” test swim. Which again was a little bit low key, we basically just stood next to the lake and got in…..then we got changed on the bank afterwards once we got out. No changing rooms. A couple of guys enjoyed it though as they walked past Vicki and possibly got a flash of a GB AG bum 🙂

How the tables turned when it came to race day! It was a lot more pro! My nerves went through the roof. The worst I have been before a race.

We had to stand in a holding pen and wait for our names to be called. Then walk individually to the start line and stand in a numbered space. As I thought my run would be embarrassingly slow I knew I needed to have a strong swim to not make a fool of myself. So when the starting gun went off I ran into the water, half dived/flopped in and started to swim for my life. Due to the nerves, coldish water and going out to fast caused me to have a panic attack. I just couldn’t breathe out under water. I got myself in a right state, I wanted nothing more that to roll on my back and get the speed boat to come and rescue me. I really couldn’t let everyone down back home though so I took a minute to calm myself and do breaststroke. Eventually I got into the swing of it and completed the swim. The run went so much better than I thought, the crowds were brilliant. Especially these really enthusiastic English guys. It really made the run fun. So overall I was happy when I crossed the line. It really didn’t go to plan but a good learn for Bolton


The weekend after Bratislava was Beccles tri. This event is just incredible, so many club member take part, marshal and come to spectate. It makes all the stress of helping to organise it worth while.

I was so chuffed when I crossed the line and say I managed to break the 1 hour 30 min mark and get a PB. Especially with the amount of training I had done in the lead up to the event. I even met the infamous goose man on route, I thought it was an injured cow…it shocked me when a guy ran past…..

Can’t wait to see the group photos that Jane’s fabulous Dad took.

Bolton and Bumpers

A few months ago Steph and I arranged a return trip to Bolton. We arrived Friday afternoon to check in and have an early night so we could swim in Pennington Flash Saturday morning. We got to the lake and found out they had a IM route on today. Steph, Danny and I swam the 1.9k loop (Danny did 2 loops). While we were in the changing rooms afterwards Steph got talking to a lady and we found out there was an IMUK training weekend taking place that weekend. How lucky!!

We ended up joining the group, who were wonderful and from Tri-Rivington. After a chat in the coffee shop from 7 time Ironman Ray!! Where he broke down nutrition to make it easy to understand and we learnt the fantastic bum bag trick on the bike! We headed to Macron stadium to took a look at T2 and then run part of the run route into town.

After the run we joined them for lunch and a Q&A session. On the Sunday we rode part the IMUK bike route, 75 miles of it. It felt so much better this time around. Had a massive wobble when Steph and I last did it. This time we both had improved so much. Great confidence boost!

It was a really great weekend, lots of great advice and tips. Bit of a bummer driving home though as someone went into the back of my car on the M6. Luckily my bike was undamaged!!!

Totals for weeks 23-26

Swim – 9 hours 32 mins

Bike – 31 hours 31 mins

Run – 8 hours 56 mins



ROAD TO BOLTON – Weeks 19 to 22 and Ironman Mallorca 70.3 Review

Another 4 weeks closer. 8 weeks out.

Have loved my training since I last blogged. The 100 Metros mantra and Biggest Loser Kona video has really inspired me. I have carried on focusing on my cycling and doing less running. I have gone back to seeing Bev fortnightly to make sure I can keep running. My shoulder is also still playing me up a little. It’s so odd…

Still having divorce issues, don’t think it will ever go through. The courts are so picky.

So here is whats been happening training wise……

Week 19

Started with my usual rest day. Fritton lake was finally back open again!! Jane, Jo, Vicki and myself decided to brave the cold and go for a dip. It was great to be back in the lake again. We had a real giggle. Had physio on Wednesday so turbo’d before work. Went out for a lunchtime work run Thursday and then headed back to the lake. Managed to stay in longer than Tuesday. Did a brick session on Friday and my calf felt good. So nice to run pain free. Did park run and a bit extra on the Saturday. Sunday was Tour de Broads. I signed up last minute and did the 100 mile route. It was a lot tougher than I thought it would be but was really pleased to have completed it.

Target totals – 11 hours 30 mins. Actual total – 18 hours 14 mins

Week 20

Great start to this week. We had a club trip to the velodrome. So much fun as always. really thought I wouldn’t be able to cycle due to doing the TDB the day before but felt surprisingly okay. Back to the lake on Tuesday and again stayed in longer. It’s got to warm up soon! Managed to final get to Wednesday running club. It had been a while and I felt fine. Managed my longest run for some weeks. Was conscious that i haven’t been doing that much distance swimming in the lake so went to the pool Thursday and did a 3k swim as well as a turbo before hand. I was heading to Sheffield as the weekend so took Friday off to do my long ride. Didn’t feel that great and had to cut the ride short but was still pleased with 65k. Had Saturday as my rest day and went to Alton Towers with my friends. It was really nice having a day off from triathlons. We had a great laugh. Driving back to my friends I noticed a 10k race being advertised. A quick google search and I found out there were still spaces left and it was for charity. After a quick chat with my friend to make sure she was happy i signed up to it. It was a beautiful venue for a race.  It turned out to be quite a climb though, signing up last minute meant I didn’t check the route out. It was pretty much a 4k climb and then 4k decent. Love it though.

Target totals – 11 hours 0 mins. Actual total – 8 hours 21 mins

Week 21

Mallorca week! So exciting. Can’t believe how long ago this trip was booked (10 months!) it has come round so quickly. Like everything at the moment.

For once I was excited about a race and not nervous. Lovely feeling!

Rest day Monday. Tuesday I did a brick session, didn’t get to swim as had to work late. On Wednesday I did a turbo session before work as was seeing Bev in the evening for a massage. On Thursday we flew to Palma! Checked my bike over and Karle helped me re-assemble it and we took them out for a mini spin to make sure all was okay. On Friday we headed to the beach and swam the route. I felt slow and my shoulder hurt.

Saturday was race day. If you want to read about it I wrote a review below.

On Sunday we were for a little splash in the sea without wetsuits and it was still a little bit cold. Then in the afternoon Vicki and I went for a lovely bike ride. Awesome week, love Mallorca. Going back!

Target totals – 5 hours 15 mins (Plus the race). Actual total – 10 hours 42 mins

Week 22

Felt great after the race. Really did take it easy as per my plan and was so glad as it meant I could keep training uninterrupted. Unlike Bungay Half Marathon!!

We went for a run in Mallorca on Monday. It is normally my rest day but it was too nice not to. After landing on the Tuesday a few of us went for a ride and did the tri route. In the evening I went to the lake.

I had the Wednesday off and knew I would be at Stradbroke Triathlon for most of the weekend so went for my long ride. Finally went back to running club in the evening. Had missed everyone. It was a great run, we did the tri route.

On Thursday I went for a run with the work running club at lunchtime. Was so sunny. Happy days! In the evening went to the lake, am starting to fall out with swimming. I am just getting slower and slower….why!!!

Had Friday as my rest day which was a good job as had to go to a Triathlon meeting which took longer than planned.

Saturday I rode to park run and back and did park run also. Have loved running pain free these past few weeks. I can’t run fast but at least I can run!! Saturday afternoon and evening I spent officiating at Stradbroke triathlon. My first event as the LTO.

Sunday I was back at Stradbroke marshalling. Took my bike and route the course to my marshal point and then completed the loop afterwards back to my car.

Finally managed to hit my running and cycling targets for the first time in weeks, only for my swimming to drop. How do you managed to hit all three!! Need to quit work, it is the only answer 🙂

Target totals –11 hours 45 mins (Plus the race). Actual total – 11 hours 16 mins

Ironman Mallorca 70.3 Review

Can really see why people fall in love with the Ironman brand. They certainly know how to organise a race! The amount of information they put on their website and the athlete guide they send out was a great start.  It just got better from there.

I registered for the race Thursday afternoon and was given three bags as well as race number and free technical t-shirt.. Blue (T1 -for swim to bike gear), Red (T2 – bike to run gear), White (post-race bag). I wasn’t sure about having to bag up gear the night before however I am now sold on the idea. It kept transition nice and clean and you could still add to this the morning of the race if you had forgotten anything.

On the Friday we had to rack our bikes and store the transition bags (apart from the white). Also had fun at the expo, the merchandise was really good quality and most event gear had everyone’s names on which was a nice touch. The pre-race pasta party was great.

A group of us drove the bike route to see how bad the hill was……I was shocked. It wasn’t a hill, it was a mountain!! Driving up it was a bit of a struggle and was worried about how I would cope climbing it. On the descent it looked very tight as loads of hairpins and was surprise there was no side railing!

Tried to not let this worry me, and woke up Saturday feeling excited. It was nice taking the pressure of “racing” and treating this as a warm up for Bolton. My plan was to just test the gear I am going to wear and pacing and not make my calf injuries worse.

I checked my bike was okay and put my gear in the white bag and handed it in. We could get in the water before the race so made sure my wetsuit was on okay and my goggles fit. For the race I put a spear pair of goggles down the front of my wetsuit. A tip I picked up recently. It worked really well. I didn’t need then on the swim, however had they got kicked or knocked off I could have easily put my spare pair on. I couldn’t feel they were down my wetsuit while swimming.

The swim was fantastic, so many people in the water, you didn’t even need to sight as you just followed the swell. The water was so clear and warm. Could see fishes swimming underneath me. Incredible experience. It was my longest sea swim and was pleased to exit the water in 38 mins.

Headed to transition and started the bike course. Cycling on closed roads was fantastic, a real treat. The views on the bike course were stunning. Mallorca is a beautiful island. 20k in the climb up the mountain started, I got in my lowest gear and just took it easy. It’s a long climb and I didn’t want to run out of energy and it was very hot. The climb was around 10k in total and although it was tough, I loved it. The atmosphere and camaraderie was brilliant. Finally reached the summit and started the decent. It was so much fun but had to be careful as the hairpins were really tight. We had a minutes silence before the race and the day before, three triathletes were riding the course and died. That was a little bit scary and made me more cautious than usual

After the decent we went into a little town and I suddenly lost three of my gears. I didn’t let it phase me and just carried on, it was tough when we hit any hills as it was the easy gears I lost. However I just stood up and grinded the bike up hill. Eventually ended back up on the sea front and back into transition. My time was 3 hours and 38 mins.

Headed out onto the beach promenade and the heat hit me. It was baking!! It had reached 29c by this point and the pavement was very hot. Had to drink lots at each aid station and use the cold sponges. There were so many people collapsing and it really made me take it a bit easier. Which was good considering my injuries. I decided to 4:1 the run (4 mins running and 1 min walking).

Loads of supports came to cheer on everyone from Beccles racing so made sure I gave them a hug sweaty hug on the way round J However had I been using my garmin watch the whole way round (I used it for the swim and run and my bike computer for the bike – again a test for Bolton) I would have not hugged them until after as my finishing time was 7 hours and 1 minute. I could have easily been under 7 hours and did feel a little bit disappointed. However I am over the moon overall. It was a great test event for Bolton. The medal and finishers T-shirt were really good quality. The free food and beer after the race again was a nice touch.

If anyone is thinking of doing a 70.3 race I really do recommend paying the bit extra and doing an Ironman brand race if you can. They make you feel so special and the finish is great.



100 Metros…..

Is the film that got me through the past week and a half of training. Which included a trip to Bolton. I hit a really low point and had it not been for Steph’s recommendation I might have given up.

If you have seen it, watch it. Well worth it in my opinion.

On a personal front it has been a fairly quiet few weeks for once haha! The house sale completed at last, thank goodness as almost got in a lot of trouble financially. Divorce is progressing but is slow. Still loving Gillingham, really feels like home. Still have the best friends in the whole wide world. My mum has returned from her cruise. Still away at the moment but looking forward to catching up next week. So much has happened since she was away.

Okay lets talk about training……

Week 15

Rest day on the Monday as coached swimming.

On Tuesday I did a 8k run, legs were so tight I had to slow the pace right down. Went for a swim in the evening with Vicki and managed to get to 2.5k. Which I was pleased about due to my shoulder issues.

Wednesday was a sad day as it was the last core class at work. In the morning I did a turbo session for an hour as was seeing Bev for a massage after work.

Did a 50 min turbo on Thursday

Thought I would do something different and do an hours run on the turbo Friday evening and then managed a 3k swim. With no shoulder pain which was good.

Did a long bike ride (135k) Saturday with Darren and Stu.

Sunday was Bungay half marathon. After how bad my running was during the week I almost didn’t start. However I made myself go along and said to myself I would stop if I had to.  I did 9:1 during the race and few so strong, went by feel and didn’t even look at my pace. I crossed the line only just over a minute slower than my PB which was on a flat course. Was really, really pleased with my time but my legs were in a very bad way afterwards. When will I learn!! Paid the price for this race thats for sure. No more stupidity before Bolton!! It just felt so good to put a decent effort in. Was feeling a bit fed up of going slow.

Target total – 11 hours 30 mins hours. Actual total – 13 hours 50 mins

Week 16

Started again with a rest day. Had a triathlon meeting, as I help to organise Beccles Triathlon. Then headed to swim coaching.

On Tuesday I did a lap of the Beccles triathlon route and then went swimming. Managed to do another 3k. A lot slower than I did before I hurt my shoulder but at least it was pain free again.

Got a friend to watch my swim technique on the Wednesday as I haven’t been “coached” for ages. It was really helpful. Did 1.5k and then headed off to running club. I haven’t been for ages so it was great to see everyone. However I really struggled with my calf. It was so tight and in the end I had to stop. Managed to do 5.5k.

Thursday was fun!! Decided to attempt my first sea swim of the year….it was FREEZING!!! Managed to last 10 mins. In the evening I rode the Beccles tri route again.

Managed to do a 8k run on the Friday. It was slow but relatively pain free.

Had a great long ride with Steph, Danny and Terry on the Saturday. No cake stop! Proper serious training ride haha. It was great.

Sunday was great. Did the 1.5k swim to make up what I missed on Wednesday. Then I ran to the Locks with Chris. A great cross country run but ran way to fast. Felt okay at the time but it was a mistake that I paid for.

Target total – 10 hours 30 mins hours. Actual total – 10 hours 41 mins

Week 17

Actual rest day/evening for once! No coaching for me tonight with the club. So went round a friends for a sports massage as Bev is on holiday and my legs were in a bad way. In return I coached him swimming.

Headed out on the bike Tuesday for a lovely sunset ride and then headed to the pool. My shoulder started to get sore again so only did 2.5k. Annoying.

Was feeling good Wednesday so thought I would jog to running club and then join in with the beginners. What a disaster that was. Did a pathetic 45mins of mainly walking. Am broken.

On Thursday I decided to head to the gym and go on the cross trainer. Was going to do an hour but even that hurt and had to stop after 45 min.

Had a great bank holiday Friday. We went for a bike ride with the club for breakfast. Then headed to Bolton as staying over night.

Saturday, Steph and I cycled one lap of the IMUK route. All I can say is wow!!! That bike course is BRUTAL. So much harder than I thought it was going to be. I expected two bad hills but not the rest of the course to be so hilly and poor road surface. My new mantra of 100 meters, really helped to keep me going.  I am now extremely worried about finished the 112 miles in time. I don’t think I am strong enough on hills yet. Panicking and upset. However all I can do is give it my all in the next 2 months or training.

I didn’t think I was up for running Sunday, after the week I had so went to the club ride. Did a lovely 2 hour ride.

Target total – 10 hours 45 mins hours. Actual total – 11 hours 30 mins

Week 18

Love bank holidays. More time to train! Didn’t go as well as planned though. Decided to treat myself and go to Waterlane. Bit sick of swimming in a 20m pool. Was having a great time, Jane was in the lane so jumped in with her. Was swimming lovely, enjoying the extra length…..then the lane ropes get pulled out!!! Free for all. Families jump in and take up the whole space. Managed to dodge around them for 500m but game over. Only 2k done. I then headed up to the gym to do a treadmill run to avoid the payment. Managed 1k!!!! My calf was so tight!

Moved my rest day to Tuesday as I had to travel to York for work. Had to leave early and didn’t get to hotel until late.

When I got home from York on Wednesday I jumped on the turbo. Was dark as it was late. I did an hour.

On Thursday I decided to try running again. I did 5k as a run walk. It felt good.

It has been way too long since I had done a brick session so decided to Friday. Did the new Sufferfest video and then did a run/walk. Then headed to the pool, again shoulder felt funny so stuck to 2.5k. Plus I had finished work so late the pool was about to close, haha!

Saturday, myself and Darren headed out hill hunting. Off the back of the Bolton trip, I decided all my long rides need to be as hilly as possible!! We managed to bump into Marcus which was great. Only did 40 miles as had to rush back. Vicki, Darren and I then biked to Yarmouth and back as we marshalled at East Coast tri. This added another 29 miles.

Helped out again at East Coast triathlon Sunday morning. In the afternoon, myself, Boo and Helen went for a run. Got to 6k pain free. Over the moon!

Target total – 10 hours 45 mins hours. Actual total – 9 hours 90 mins



Almost halfway there! Really hate to keep saying this but it really has been another crazy month!

Am loving living in Gillingham, it has made such a difference to my training. I have more time due to having to travel less to get to work. It is also so lovely out here in the country side, it means I actually want to get out and run.

I also passed my Triathlon Coach Level 2 qualification this month and that has taken a huge load of my mind. As well as less course work to have to do etc

It hasn’t been a great month in terms of the divorce and house sale. I guess it all was going to smoothly. However yet again my incredible friends stepped up and showed me I don’t have to do this alone. I seem to end up saying this every months as well, but I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. Thank you!! You know how you all are xx

I really hope when the time comes I can repay you all. I won’t ever forget.

So onto my training…..

Week 11

Started with a rest day as had to coach swimming. Disaster evening, forgot the pool keys and the caretaker wasn’t happy with me. Was hard to deal with as had a difficult evening prior to this.

On Tuesday I managed to complete a 1 hour turbo and a 3k swim. This was the longest I have swam in a pool. Well chuffed.

Had another difficult evening Tuesday and as a result didn’t sleep well. Decided to de-stress and run to the club session. It was so lovely to see everyone, even thought I ended up in tears when talking to most people. Jay was kind and ran round with me. Was a much needed chat. Managed to run 13K which was such an improvement in distance since I hurt my calf.

Thursday was the usually work running club. In the evening I got in a brick session.

Friday I did a 30 min run in Lowestoft as had some bits to sort at my Mums.

Saturday was a rest day due to having my level 2 assessment.

Sunday was the club ride, we did the tri route. We had planned a longer ride but the heavens opened so I headed home.

Target total – 9 hours 45 mins hours. Actual total – 7 hours 37 mins

Week 12

No swim coaching so managed to get a 3k swim in on the Monday. Had to do a double session on Tuesday due to working in York on the Wednesday. So ran and turbo’d. Thursday I managed to get out at lunchtime again and swam in the evening. Did a turbo session on the Friday. Saturday was great, a load of us went for a long bike ride. Was almost 5 hours. Sunday was the club ride and went for a recovery swim at the UEA for fun.

Target total – 9 hours 15 mins hours. Actual total – 12 hours 52 mins (Oops!!)

Week 13

Managed to hurt my shoulder this week, well not my shoulder…kind of the back of my arm. Anyway it made swimming quite painful this week. Just trying to take it easy and build back up. As well as my usually training this week was the Club’s training weekend!!! So much fun. We all stayed at Kelling heath and spent the weekend on the hill. It was fantastic. A much needed break.

Target total – 10 hours. Actual total – 8 hours 

Week 14

A great week training wise, am really getting into a good routine now and planning out what I am going to do when. It really helps. Still a little low on the swims but almost back to normal now. Monday we were still away and finished a fantastic weekend off with a ride. Ran and swam on Tuesday. Had Wednesday as a rest day. Ran and swam again on Thursday, the run was lovely as worked from home. So Sean and I had a work run club session in Gillingham! Turbo’d on Friday and did another long ride with the gang on Saturday. On Sunday I decided to still do the Wymondham 20 mile race that I had signed up to ages ago. Even thought I could only run part of it. It is more fun running with others and I had paid for it. Managed to do almost 12 miles which I was really chuffed with. Am very sore now thought and walking around like I am 80. Lets hope a good night sleep will help…..rest day tomorrow too 🙂

Target total – 10 hours 45 mins. Actual total – 12 hours 24 mins 





Road to Bolton – Weeks 7 to 10

End of an era…..the long enjoyed build phase is over! A new chapter now begins in my training and personal life funny enough!

I have moved away from Lowestoft and am renting a cottage in Gillingham. Rob is in the process of buying me out of the house and we have now started the divorce process.

Training wise it is finally time to get back out on the road on the bike, I am increasing my running distance (slowly) and have started training before work!!! I honestly never thought I would be someone who would train before work. However now I live closer I don’t have to leave my house at 6:30 anymore! What a luxury to have the option.

I am also trying to restore a bit of normality into my life and take rest days! Enjoy a social life and not put so much pressure on myself!

Week 7

Really positive week on the whole. Did miss a swim session, but managed to do 4 hours on the bike this week and over 2 hours of running. Which is major progress. Enjoyed celebrating my birthday this week. Was honestly the best birthday I have ever had. Thanks to everyone who made it so special. Target total – 10 hours. Actual total – 7 hours

Week 8

The week started so well, had Monday off so managed to get in a swim. Did a turbo and run as per the plan. Then Thursday I came down with a horrible bug, had to leave my friends leaving do early, which was really upsetting as she was leaving the country. I then spent the next few days resting up and mainly in bed. Not ideal, but actually resting did (in my opinion) make me feel better faster. I was back training again on the Sunday. Target total – 9 hours. Actual total – 5 hours 15 mins

Week 9 

Random crazy week, which resulted in no swimming. However did enjoy Valentines, went to the velodrome and moved into my beautiful cottage. Also did the first outdoors ride this year. Target total – 10 hours. Actual total – 6 hours 5 mins

Week 10

Good weeks training, finally!! Feeling on top of the world at the moment. My new place has made such a different, being able to train before work is just fantastic and means I can enjoy social evenings. I also love running around here and don’t mind going out on my own. Managed to get in almost all of the session. A little bit down on my running but with how my calves are I am not worried. Went for a great fun swim on Friday. Did the Godric 50 reliability ride on Sunday and it was fantastic to get some millage in my legs. I also managed to finish the rest of the work needed for my level 2 course!!! Had I not needed to do this, I would have managed to get the swimming completed. Target total – 11 hours. Actual total – 8 hours 40 mins